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To make a change from my political poems, here is the 6th of my 7 dragon poems.

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



Valiant knights turn
And flee in mounting terror,
As fierce dragons near.

Tall timbers hiding
Any sign of deadly saurians,
Lingering nearby.

Lethal dragons hide
Behind great trees to wait,
For their victims to pass.

Wary merchants ride
Through the unknown countryside,
Looking for signs of dragons.

Fiery questing beasts
Bearing down upon the merchants,
Reptiles reigning terror.

Merchants try to flee dragons
Attacking while knights are gone,
Fiery death reigns down.

As reptiles attack
The merchants scatter far and wide,
Yet not a one survives.

Fierce dragons hide
Behind tall trees to wait for
Their next victim's approach.

Hiding in the forest
Reptiles await the next slaughter,
Ready to leap at passing foe.

Riding past a glen
A knight upon a great steed;
Unafraid of saurians.

Fierce dragons lurking
Awaiting a new slaughter,
The next victim to pass.

Soon the knight appears
And sees a lurking saurian,
Waiting to make a kill.

Lance at the ready
The knight begins to charge,
As the mighty dragon rears.

Man and beast in conflict
A bloody fight to the death,
Only one shall survive.

For hours the fight continues
The knight reduced to fighting on foot,
His stead now lying dead.

A valiant knight deserving
To win the day yet, when all is done,
Only the saurian survives.

The dragon lumbers off
To hide behind tall trees to await,
The next victim's approach.

Winged reptiles recline,
Listening for clattering hoof-beats
Attacking without warning.

The dragons hide again
In the towering forest,
Awaiting further prey.

Fierce dragons wait
For their next victims to pass,
To inflict the next slaughter.

Legends of warrior times
Tell of great, winged saurians,
Killing men and steeds.

All sign of fiery saurians
Has vanished into history,
Are they lost from our shores?

Or do dragons still lurk
Leaping out without challenge,
To unleash ancient terror?

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts,
Melbourne, Australia

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.