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When I wrote this poem about 2 years ago I was talking about one ugly concrete tower built in the centre of Footscray. Since 2 more have sprung up, with 3 more (at least) in the planning stage.

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



In Footscray the Tower of Babel
Slowly starts to rise,
As people living on the streets
Sicken, and then start to die.

Melbourne's west a monument
Goes up to sloth and greed,
While down below the politicians
Do nothing for those in need.

The rich demand their Icons
False idols to all that's wrong,
To hurl up in the faces
Of those struggling to carry on.

Idolatry to the wicked
To those who have too much,
A tower of concrete and glass
Hanging o'er those living rough.

But still politicians procrastinate
Reluctant to help the poor,
Though they'll gladly spend the billions needed
To build a towering eyesore.

So the sun no longer shines
Down upon old Footscray town,
A concrete tower blocks its light
Which cannot reach to the ground.

So winter seems the how year through
As the council sits on its brains,
We live beneath this towering eyesore
And think, “Society has gone insane!”

No more can we see to the sky
With new towers springing up each day,

We live in an urban winter land
Hidden from Old Sol’s warm rays.

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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