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Who did kill Lady Diana? The official verdict on her death is complete bunkum!

Submitted: January 23, 2011

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Submitted: January 23, 2011



Who murdered Lady Diana?
MI5 because she's British or,
MI6 because she was overseas?

With MI5 threatening
To murder anyone who dares think,
It's hard to get an answer.

But we need to contemplate
The question of Lady Diana's murder,
We have to get it straight.

No secret service agency
Can be allowed to go around killing,
People they have a grudge with.

Then rig official enquiries
To get answers the people will accept,
But which really make no sense.

I congratulate Mr Fayed
For having the guts to pursue the truth,
Even though the cover-up is on.

Don't allow MI5 or MI6
To get away with killing people,
Question the official truth.

Though people saw a red car
Deliberately broadside the car,
Officially this didn't happen.

But official facts are rarely true
And official truths are always lies,
So we have to keep asking.

Who killed Lady Diana?
MI5 because they were told to,
Perhaps by a royal personage?

MI6 because she was overseas?
And they hoped this way the British
Would never be suspected?

In 1984 George Orwell told us
If you tell the same lie often enough,
Eventually people will believe.

But with political assassination
Some people are far too keen to believe,
Almost any lie that they are told.

I don't like to call it certain
I like to consider both sides well,
Before deciding on the truth.

But in the case of Lady Diana
And her fiancé, Dodi Fayed, the truth,
Is not that hard to find out.

It's not that hard to say murder
It's not that hard to reject official line,
When it's as bent as a gay dog's leg.

So who did kill Lady Diana?
Was it MI5 acting on Royal Orders?
Or MI6 sticking out their necks?

Undoubtedly one of the two
British Murder Incorporateds (MI5 or MI6),
Did the evil business.

But which Murder Incorporated
Is the evil agency responsible,
For killing three innocent people?

Murder Incorporated Number Five
The British Murder Incorporated for,
Killing within
Great Britain?

Or Murder Incorporated Number Six
The International Murder Incorporated,
For murdering outside
Great Britain?

And who drove the red car
That film proves swiped Lady Di's car,
On that evil Franco-night?

And why the claims there was no car
Even though film of the car exists,
Proving it was involved?

What is the use of lying?
When strong evidence exists to show,
Murder Incorporated did the hit?

But who paid them to do evil
And take away three innocent lives?
Phil perhaps? Charlie? Even Lizzie?

Perhaps we'll never know?
Or perhaps one day, not soon,
Conscience will take effect?

Perhaps one day murderers
Will admit their evil acts,
Murder Incorporated exposed?

But until that day comes
If indeed it ever does come,
All of us can only ask:

We can only ask who killed Diana?
Was it Murder Incorporated Number Five?
A.k.a. MI5, that is.

Murder Incorporated Number Six?
Or despite the overwhelming evidence,
Was it perhaps somebody else?

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

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