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Epic horror poem using haiku for verses, written c.1984.

Submitted: January 22, 2011

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Submitted: January 22, 2011



Morbid fantasies
Of misbegotten beings,
The messengers of death.

Malingering terrors
From a forgotten age send,
Chills along your spine.

Such pent-up ravings
When all sanity seems lost,
To depravity.

Anguish is building
Building up inside your mind;
The night terrifies.

Night sounds in your mind
Hearing footsteps round your bed,
Your mind petrified.

Nightmares recurring
Night after night, after year;
All on one theme: Death:

Walking to the hangman
Your life is fast running out,
As day nears an end.

Screaming all the night
Ceaseless weeping through the day,
In this land of death.

Morbid fantasies
Trapped in an eternal hell,
Night-time brings around.

Morbid memories
Of insane profanities,
Haunting your poor mind.

A victim of war
You welcome death into your bed,
To conquer your pain.

Oh, if only time could heal
The hurting of heartache,
You feel deep inside.

Heartaches lingering
Despair keeps tormenting you;
Eating at your heart.

Night-time descending
To swallow you up,
In a sea of ebony.

Morbid delusions
Impossible to control:
Terror rules your life.

Morbid fantasies
Of ages now long past:
When the world began to die.

Morbid fantasies
Of the years still ahead,
As few as they may be.

Morbid allusions
Permeating all of your thoughts,
Decaying your mind.

To you life was once
Such a very simple thing,
When you knew true love.

Now that love is dead
You both worship hatred,
Wishing each other harm.

A morbid daydream
Of a time now long past when,
Sanity was lost.

Morbid dreams haunting
A night to endure, for which,
There is no answer.

Recurring nightmares
Of the night you can't see,
Tearing out your insides.

Pent-up nightmares rule
Rule your existence, and
Control your every act.

Through the long night
Within your torrid dreams:
A nameless abomination.

Morbid creatures haunt your nights;
Invading all of your dreams:
Shivers crawl up your spine.

You search for a way
Of escaping from the dreams,
Which control your life.

Something awaits you
Perhaps all your dream terrors,
Are coming to life?

Something is waiting
In the unhallowed night:
All your nightmares revealed.

Morbid creatures
Lurking just in the shadows,
As night-time descends.

Morbid remembrances
Of all your yesterdays;
Of the holocaust!

You fear the darkness
Fear the shadows, fear your dreams;
Fear your nights alone.

Night-time descends then
Nightmares take over to,
Cruelly torment your mind.

Darkness unfurling
To reveal the dark night;
In all its dreadful splendour.

Night beings. Beings of the night.
Come to visit you;
To talk of your death.

Unbearable dreams
Coming to life late at night,
Or so it appears.

Waves of fear descend
Transcending your being,
As dark night unfolds.

Pent-up cravings
Insanity prevailing,
To misguide your desires.

The twilight makes
The evil creatures stir;
And, makes your fears unfold.

The death march beating
Keeping perfect time to,
The rhythm of your heart.

Gargoyles are flying
Around your bed in the night,
Hidden in the dark.

A gorgon sitting
Inside your mirror, watching;
She's called Medusa.

A vampire waiting
Outside your bedroom window,
Calling out your name.

The wolfman sleeps near
In the room next to yours,
Rising with the moon.

Vampire bats nibble
Gently at your earlobe,
Then suckle at your throat.

A chimera rests
Nearby in the desert sands,
Gazing toward you.

A giant sphinx lies
Telling you her riddles,
To help to pass the time.

A winged fury soaring
Through the dark night sky,
Searching for living prey.

People parade by
Outside your window, at night,
With eyes blank from death.

Morbid dreams torment
Test your very sanity,
Wracking at your brains.

On and on relentlessly
Your dreams torment you,
Showing no mercy.

Morbid fantasies
As daylight turns to night-time,
And fear stirs deep within.

Terror within you
Permeating your life;
Your dreams become nightmares.

Night-time is your enemy
The daylight protects you,
From mystical terrors.

Death comes a calling
To woo you to its side,
Never again to part.

Morbid fantasies
Invading your fevered mind,
Permeate your thoughts.

Reverberant silence:
The whispers of death,
Echoing in your mind.

Morbid awakenings
The living-dead risen,
To feast upon blood.

Music resounding:
Deep within your aching brain,
Holding you entranced.

A morbid lullaby
An evil dirge of pain;
Agony of life.

Morbid awakening
From wishful dreams of hope,
True terror prevails.

A symphony plays
"Music to scream by"!
The death march goes on.

Morbid fantasies
That death is your lover,
Terror your only friend.

Stark, morbid terror
Walking close beside you,
Through this evil night.

Morbid dreams torment
You're trapped inside the Id,
With nowhere left to hide.

Night-time descending
The darkness tormenting you;
Evil faces loom.

Morbid fantasies
Invading your helpless mind,
From all sides at once.

Morbid daydreams of
All the better times in life,
Now left far behind.

Morbid fantasies
Craven, stark terror haunts,
Is this the end of hope?

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.