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The politically correct zombies who bully free-thinkers are criminals as far as I am concerned!

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



Politically correct criminals
Brainwashing our children since birth,
And the ones too strong to submit to controls
Are slandered as having no worth.

Politically correct criminals
Teach lies like they’re preaching gospel,
Soulless, heartless creatures
From the deepest vaults of Hell.

Monstrous semi-human fiends
Brainwashing the nation’s youth,
Promoting politically correct lies
And smothering the truth.

Child-abusing perverts
Who run this once-great country now,
Determined to control our children’s minds
And they really don’t care how.

Mind control through brainwashing
Is the method these monsters use,
Abusing children from kindergarten
So they’ll do what the controllers choose.

No more do we have basic freedoms
Such as the right to think and rebel,
Instead politically correct criminals
Insist we swallow every lie they tell.

© Copyright 2013 Phil Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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