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Australia's federal government has now strayed so far from democracy that not only is brainwashing compulsory in all schools, but they are now advertising a special online site for you to inform on your son if he is resisting politically correct training. The ads starts, "My son calls girls skanks, has he crossed the line?" Apparently yes, and the answer is to dob him in so that the government can force him to submit to an intensive brainwashing course. Even George Orwell did not imagine anything that evil! Yet it is being done in 2011 in Australia!

Submitted: February 17, 2011

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Submitted: February 17, 2011



“Skank alert! Skank alert!”
We hear the red runner calling,
“Skank alert! Skank alert!”
Now democracy is falling.

Verse One:
“If your son is way too smart
“We’ve got the problem solved online,
“We’ll hook him up to electrodes
“They will help to fix his mind;
“He’ll never again defame girls
“Or say the evil “S” word,
“’Cause when the current’s flowing
“The electrodes truly hurt.”

Verse Two:
“We’ll fry his brains if necessary
“To bring him into line,
“He’ll never again buck the system
“’Cause he’ll no longer have a mind;
“So inform on your own son now
“It’s only for his own good,
“You don’t want him to speak his mind
“The way only rebels would.”

Verse Three:
“Yes an educated cabbage is
“What your son will soon become,
“No longer bucking the system
“Because democracy’s day is done;
“So bring him in for programming
“Just like any other laptop,
“Soon we’ll get the electrodes on
“And free-thinking soon will stop.”

Verse Four:
“We’ll wire him up to bring him down
“To make him learn the rules,
“If the brainwashing isn’t working
“That we use on him in school;
“He’ll have to have an extra dose
“To force him to conform,
“We cannot let free-thinkers
“Continue to buck the norm.”

Verse Five:
“We’ll fry his brains like potatoes
“Until we can control his mind,
“No more will he call girls skanks
“He will have learnt to toe the line;
“No longer will he excel at school
“He’ll now get D’s instead of A’s,
“For to make him fit into the norm
“We had to fry his brain away.”

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts,
Melbourne, Australia

© Copyright 2019 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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