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A song lyric from the early 1990s about the fascist state that Australia now is.

Submitted: January 28, 2011

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Submitted: January 28, 2011



It’s a song of Australia
And living in recession,
A hymn of power that corrupts
A country in depression;
It’s a song of young children
Still living in poverty,
Broken promises of treaties
Made to Aborigines.

It’s a carol of hurting
For neglected old folk,
On pensions so tiny
They’re at best a sick joke;
It’s a song of government
With a most evil intent,
Of the starving in parks
’Cause they can’t afford rent.

It’s a lullaby of madness
Committed in this country,
A land of the free and brave
A truly great democracy?
It’s a song of zero tariffs
And another 100,000 jobs gone,
A rhapsody of mad politics
Such a truly sad song.

It’s a ditty about poverty
Yes, but also of great greed,
Child-slave-labour surely is
The very last thing we need;
It’s a song of two parties
Both surely quite insane,
And our pleas for compassion
All seemingly in vain.

It’s a dirge about heartaches
When everything is going wrong,
It’s a song of unemployment
Dole queues march on and on;
It’s a lyric about employers
Who want work without pay,
It’s a song of the bad times
That just won’t go away.

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

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