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All my poems about winter 2008 are an indication just how long the 8-month winter seemed!

Submitted: January 21, 2011

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Submitted: January 21, 2011



The endless winter goes ever on
Through June, July, August, September,
And as we see no sign of spring
We cannot wait until December.

But as November ends with no hint of spring
It's still pouring rain as we enter December,
As a white Christmas starts to seem a chance
It's the longest winter anyone can remember.

As December passes fast away
And winter enters week twenty-nine,
We wonder what happened to global warming?
And if it'll warm up afore 2009?

All night and day the rain pours on
With sleet and perhaps a hint of snow?
With the year coming quickly to an end
And summer is looking like a no show.

So 2008 is coming to completion
With no end of winter yet in sight,
People huddle ‘gainst radiators by day
And ‘neath mountains of blankets at night.

El Nino seems to have gone away
At least until we're in 2009,
So as the rain pours ever on
We start to fear for summertime.

We start to fear the summer won't come
The glorious sun will never shine,
As the endless winter 2008 goes on
Until we're almost into 2009.

© Copyright 2010
Philip Roberts

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