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A poem about the horrors of the ocean.

Submitted: January 25, 2011

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Submitted: January 25, 2011



Sailors fear the hungry sea
A place where ancient legends say,
Kraken and many other serpents
Stalk mariners just ‘neath the waves.

The hungry sea could tell some tales
Of many mariners dead and drowned,
Of treasure sunk upon the ocean floor
From mighty vessels run aground.

The hungry sea devours sailors
And the vessels they sail within,
Smashing mighty craft upon the reefs
And turning them into the wind.

The hungry sea could feed many thousands
With the creatures swimming below,
Yet wise men stay above the waters
Into which only fools do go.

Beneath the water vast creatures lurk
Waiting for fools to come in reach,
Sharks swim through the empty oceans
Forced inland so that they can feed.

The hungry sea devours all life
Giving back to us only death,
Swimmers drown beneath the waves
Salt water is their final breath.

An angry sea taking away life
From those whom it feeds on,
Until it strays onto the land
Finding new victims to feast upon.

A raging sea storms upon the shore
Tearing away buildings and land,
Taking its plunder back to the sea
Humans, cars, rocks, and sand.

The hungry sea cannot be sated
By the humans it feeds upon,
It can never be truly satisfied
Until the human race is finally gone!

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

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