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Mind controllers now rule our lives from kindergarten level onwards! Learn to think for yourself and never obey orders!!!

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014



Thinking for yourself today
This counts as major thought crime,
Only think what the Leader says
And always toe the party line.

Never have an original thought
It’s best to keep an empty head,
Be careful of anything you think
And especially of what is said.

Original thoughts are verboten
They’re nor acceptable thinking,
Always do the accepted thing
And do it without shrinking.

The Leader tells us what to say
And what we are allowed to think,
When we’re marching right in step
And when we’re out of sync.

Political correctness is the order
And orders must be obeyed,
We have to bring all rebels into line
And punish those who have strayed.

For orderliness to be maintained
We have to have standardised thought,
That means obeying without hesitation
And doing what we’re told we ought.

Rebels cannot be tolerated
And neither can freedom of speech,
We have to take a brutal line
Against even the smallest breach.

Thought crime cannot be allowed today
Not even the slightest infraction,
To have an even and ordered society
We must control mind, body, and action.

© Copyright 2014 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

© Copyright 2019 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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