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It is time to start treating the Manchestor rioters as human beings. Time to listen to them and find of what is driving their actions!

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



Like everyone else I have been amazed and disheartened to hear of the violence taking place in England at the moment (August 2011).

But I am equally disheartened by the way so many newsreaders and members of the public alike have allowed the Coalition government to pull the wool over their eyes with crass blandishments like, “Duh they be bad peoples!Let’s kills them all!” [I am paraphrasing the essence of moronic statements by the English Prime Minister David Cameron.]

Certainly sixteen thousand storm troupers with orders to beat insensate anyone they can, is hardly a controlled rational approach to a serious problem.A problem which deserves to have intelligent people rationalising a sound solution.Unfortunately, despite historically setting themselves up as the false intelligentsia, the Tory Twit party is world infamous for its gung ho, over-the-top leaders, and fundamentally fascist approach to all issues.

Undoubtedly David Cameron’s “kill or be killed” approach to tackling the rioters, is hardly a sane way to drive down the level of street violence plaguing England at the moment.Let alone is it likely to be effective.Even if Cameron’s Killers can wipe out the thousands of young people showing nationwide discontent in the modern British society, or terrorise them into submission, resentments will linger.

The working classes are starting to fight back against the fundamentally fascist approach of modern Western politics.Whether it is the Tory Twits or the Labour shits, with a choice of two ultra-right wing extremist parties it is no wonder that an increasing number of Brits have stopped voting, and instead have taken to the streets in the misguided hope that they can restore democracy to a once-great democracy, now fascist state, England.

Here, in Australia we have the same problem with two mega-right wing parties (the Liberals – effectively the Tories --, and A.L.P., our Labour party).Neither of whom gives a damn for the man or woman in the street as shown during the U.S.A’s recent insane attempts at world domination.When the Evil Empire (as tragically a once wonderful country became under Mad Dog Bush, and more recently Mad Dog Obama) first declared war upon the Arab world Eighty-Five Percent (85%) of Aussies opposed propping up the evil might of Bush’s Berserkers (as I choose to call the U.S. Military forces).Yet, despite this overwhelming consensus against aiding and abetting the rape of the Arab world, Australia’s right wing extremist prime minister (Little) Johnny Howard insisted on opposing the will of the democratic majority and supporting the Most Evil Empire.

This same contemptible attitude occurred in countries like England also, where (like Australia) big business has both major parties in its pockets through multi-million pound donations dependant upon the ruling government doing what big business wants – not what the democratic majority want, or the public interest demands!

This minority government approach is undoubtedly a major factor in why the youth of England today feel that they can only make their government listen to them through senseless acts of violence.But even now David Cameron and his band of right wing extremists are not listening.It’s just senseless platitudes and catering to the lowest common denominator, calling the rioters criminals (which in fairness they are) and demanding we all shout, “Gung ho!” as we goosestep to the Horst Wessell song while bashing the demonstrators silly, without even trying to understand what makes them tick.

Certainly, with a silly bastard like David Cameron in charge (or should that be, “Out of control?”), the silly season is upon us early this year.Every type of knee-jerk response has been aimed at the rioters, including disappointing racialist suggestions that the blacks are causing the riots.Or the Arabs.Or the Moslems, etc. In fact there is no evidence that the riots are in any way racially or religiously motivated.The rioters seem to be of all colours, creeds, religions.So let’s put the radicalising behind us, and accept the problem is more basic than this.

In most western countries, for thirty years at least governments have stopped listening to the democratic majority, and have adopted the immoral attitude, that they have the right to manipulate, bully, brutalise, control, and dominate the general public.Especially the working classes.No they don’t!The rights that federal government have are: 1) The right to remain silent, 2) The right to start listening to their bosses (the general public who voted them into power), and 3) The right to bloody well do as their bosses tell them.

I think the world of politics is the only industry in the world, where the underlings (politicians) can get away with constantly telling the boss (the voters) to, “Bugger off, boss, we refuse to listen to you.We’ve been paid by the fascist elite to conspire against you!”Okay, in truth, no Western politicians would actually be honest or honourable enough to admit that they are conspiring with the evil might of big business against the best interests, and (more importantly) the wishes of the democratic majority.

Forget that fascist BS about a self-appointed moral minority, that morally bankrupt Western politicians spend so much time BS'ing over.A minority can only ever be immoral (when trying to boss around the democratic majority, not in its day-to-day existence); never moral.It is the moral majority that politicians must start to listen to.And corrupt-as-buggery journalists, who slander rare good politicians for “popularist policies”, need to take a good hard look at themselves, decide whether they want to continue to be whores, or whether they would rather become legitimate reporters (the ones who report only the truth, not politically correct BS).It is not popularist policies when rare politicians listen to the democratic majority.It is democracy at its finest!

In a democracy, governments should not persecute minorities.But they MUST obey the will of the majority.Or the fascist elite have taken over and it is no longer a democracy.Debatably there are no democracies in the world today.Just voting a pack of mind dead fascists into power does not make your society democratic.

So David Cameron, stop talking insane platitudes to placate the lowest common denominator in society and start listening to the democratic majority.Call off the storm troopers and try to find out why usually reasonable English youths now think that their only hope is to riot, smash, loot, hurt other people!

It is time to start treating the Manchestor rioters as human beings.Time to listen to them and find of what is driving their actions!


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Philip Roberts, Melbourne, Australia

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