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One of four linked poems about my fathers madness. The other three are: 20 Years in Hell, The Great Escape, and The Story of Hell House. Witchery is the best, but hardest to understand of the four.

Unless you have lived under the thumb of a violent madman for a decade you cannot possibly understand this poem.

Submitted: January 17, 2011

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Submitted: January 17, 2011



Witchery filled the minds
Of four people trapped in hell,
A maniac controlled their lives
With his evil, magic spells.

“Snitchy” was the word he used
To terrorise the clan,
And witchery was what he used
This foul, sub-human man.

“Cleddy-cled,” the madman said
Using his evil words of power,
“Cleddy-clonks for Philly-Bonks,”
The words that made them cower.

Witchy words pervaded the lives
Of four people with no power,
Controlled by an evil djin
Who made his victims cower.

“Snitching into the Kitchen,”
They heard the madman say,
And feverishly they scurried off
As he frightened them away.

“Snitchy Cled,” he often said
Delighting in his victims’ fear,
The lost four cowering in terror
As they heard the madman near.

The witching hour was e’er at hand
When in Hell House they did reside,
When terror stalked their lost lives
Since hope and love had died.

“Hangman’s noose for Possy Woss,”
The raving maniac wrote,
Then left his missive on the kitchen floor
That foul, abusive note.

But Possy could not read the note
No the note she could not heed,
So Niecy, Bokky, and Dorothy
Packed up and ran away in fear.

So witchery is now just a dream
A nightmare from that evil time,
Subjected to such foul abuse
By a creature with an evil mind.

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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