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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Story that will blow your mind.

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



I knew it, and so did the whole world. Earth’s resources were dwindling down to its last reserves and water was becoming scarce. In the search for a better planet, scientists and chose a moon orbiting around Pluto called Lunam. Ships were made to transport our race to our future destination. They were vast space vessels that could carry easily two million people. My group, the military, was stationed in small pods, that were like large barrels, with thrusters towards the back the size of trashcans. Each pod contained five soldiers each.

Assigned my pod to command, I entered through the small hatch on the side and met my brothers in arms.

Right as I took my first step the crew stopped their current assignment and greeted me with a firm “Sir!”

“At ease! The information has been clearly relayed to me. We infiltrate the atmosphere at fifteen hundred hours tomorrow. We, the military, will arrive four hours prior to civilian arrival, so if there is resistance, we obliterate them. Any question?  No...? Okay then, get back to work.”

I took the rest of the time familiarizing myself with the pod. I didn’t let it show to my crew, but I was actually surprised about how the pod looked on the inside. It had a black metal floor, three seats towards the back for three spare infantry units, and two seats up front with the controls. One seat was where the husky pilot sat and the seat next to him controlled the exterior weapons. The last feature that I took notice of was a gun rack which held five m16’s, five semi-automatic pistols and enough ammunition for all the guns. Upon seeing the rack, I commanded my crew to get all their weapons ready just in case there was a need for attack against any form of life on the planet. Then I began to familiarize myself with the crew.

There were four of them other than me. Duke, the pilot, a husky white man, with broad shoulders, and a mustache. Then there was Shallow, who I favored because from his apparent size and muscle context, he was going to be a strong ally to have if we had to fight. Lastly, there were the Torus brothers, Andrew and Peter. If the time came, these two would be the ones to lead. They were both smart, loyal, and skilled fighters. Before I had a chance to actually talk with each of them a thunderous horn sounded.

“Duke! What is that?” I shouted over the horn.

“Means it’s time to go sir.”

“Okay then. Let’s go. To your stations everyone! It’s time to go save the human race.”

Duke then counted down to one while the pod started to quake. “Five! Four! Three! Twooo! One!”

At a massive eight hundred miles per hour we vaulted off the face of the Earth in a matter of seconds along with the hundreds of thousands of other pods around us. The noise was so loud that without my special earplugs I would have gone deaf in a matter of seconds.

The trip took about two hours total, but it felt ten hours due to the relentless g’s that were pushing us down in our chairs.

Muscles stiff and morale dropping, we finally entered Lunam’s atmosphere. Suddenly, though, there was a merciless blast that came from our left.

“What in the heck is going on out there?!” I screamed.

Duke responded briefly, “Resistance sir, the inhabitants are fighting back.”

I froze. There wasn’t even supposed to be life there, but now I was hearing that some aliens are shooting our troops out of the sky.

“Duke, how strong are their forces?” I asked

“Don’t know sir but…” Craaaash!

Our right thruster was blown up and we were plummeting to the surface. I couldn’t see anything out of the rectangular window to my right, but I knew we had to act fast.

“Grab a parachute and some guns! You’ve got thirty seconds, and then we’re jumping.” I did the same as my crew and commanded the jump. “3…2…Gooo!” I screamed and jumped.

It was the first chance I actually got to observe the planet and it boggled my mind. It looked exactly like Earth. My mind was going a million places and I could tell that my troopers were going through the same thing. Then I felt it, a sharp pain in my right calf. I had been shot. But with what? I didn’t have time to check because I was already landing on the ground far from any of my troops.

Surveying the wreckage around me, I decided to get to some sort of trench in this desert terrain, away from any hostiles. I searched and found what I was looking for about twenty meters away from me, so I limped about five meters until I saw a figure in the dusty distance. It was tall like a human and had four limbs and a head on the top, but I was unable to see any other features. As I limped closer I began to realize that it was accompanied by about five others who were dressed in gold robes, like the leader.

The pain of my wounded leg began to set in and out of desperation I began to screech at the top of my voice to the human figures in the distance, hoping for some sort of support from the hostiles that shot us down.

“Help! Help!” I shouted as loud as I could at them.

For a moment the group stopped their procedure towards me, but soon after they stalked forward closer to me and I finally got a chance to observe the aliens’ features.

They had two eyes, one nose, two ears, and hair on their head, ten fingers, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

“What…humans? There’s no…” I sputtered out before the incoming aliens stabbed me in the neck with a shot that made me pass out.

I had been out for two days before I woke up in what seemed like a hospital. I was in a room by myself on bed with white sheets and pillows shaped like ovals. The room had only a door which was located to my right in the gray walls. I looked up and saw that the light was coming from an ordinary light bulb, like one that would have come from Earth. I then looked to my leg, remembering that I had been injured and to my surprise it had fully recovered.

Suddenly a figure entered the door that I instantly recognized. It was the leader of the group that either captured or helped me, but this time he was wearing clothes that looked like a form of casual wear from Earth.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Crater and I am from this planet called Lunam,” he replied with ease.

“So if you’re from this planet how come you look exactly like a human?”

“Well the answer to that is simple…we are human.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but he stopped me and explained the situation.

“Our problem started like yours did. We ran out of supplies and needed to inhabit a different planet but we couldn’t find one to inhabit.”

“But you are here now,” I interrupted.

“I haven’t gotten there yet so let me finish. Yes, we couldn’t find a planet to inhabit so scientists started to work on a project which we called time travel. You see, at this time Lunam is full of life, water, air, and other necessities of life, but in the future where we came from it was a dry old planet just like Mars. We figured that if we were to go back in time to the spot where Lunam was located, the human race would survive and that is what we did. It had been forty years now and people from your time have migrated to our planet, which brings us to now.”

It all didn’t make sense at the moment, but gradually, I learned to accept it, and in more time I learned to accept my new life, on Lunam.

© Copyright 2020 Phillycheesesteak. All rights reserved.

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