Peace is the mystery

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Read it! then you would understand! """ PEACE"""

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



PEACE is the mystery

We are all the same , Don’t force them to tame,

Life is not always about shame,

And life is not a game,

Lets support the peace,

And please stop them to tease,

ANd lets start to teach

Not to fight like beast and care about the others atleast!

Figts never stops, its all about distroying,distruction

AND blood drops

Try to make this world beautiful,

Stop being so proud, I am asking the crowd,

You have no right to be proud even if you are king

And being simple is the best thing;

Self Esteem , Showoff and telling people that you are so well off,

This things will do nothing ,but oneday you will see your perfomance is poped up,

People will not remember your treasure your style,

But they will remember your modesty and smile

And this is what should be your style,

Education should not teach only Maths and Science

But it should also teach love and reliance.

If power is violent , then bring your inner purity which silent

Bring the inner you out, because its beautiful ,its raw

I believe it without any flaw :

Go back and ask history how we stay happy,stay without any misery

“It would say peace is the mistery”

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