Broken; Raven's Background

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broken starts out as a series of short stories outlining the lives of indivuals leading up to their deaths. but divine intervention sheds new light on the lives of the individuals. reborn into a world that doesnt make sense to them at first the soon to be new found friend band together and struggle to balance their choices. all the time with no knowledge of where they are.

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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Submitted: March 14, 2009



Name; Raven Addler

Age; 17

Hair color; dark purple

Eyes; green

Ht; 5’5”

Wt; 110lbs

Role; Hero

 Born to Addy and Adam Addler. From the time she was born she seemed to have a will of her own. Defiant and anti social, the girl never fit in in any social situation. In elementary school she was taken to a special hospital for some experimental testing that showed she was a hyper-sensitive. Also referred to as a psychic. But the doctors and scientists involved said it wasn’t strong enough to continue testing. When she got to middle school she had no friends and it seemed to her no one liked her at all. She argued with her teachers, disagreed with her parents, and thought their façade of a happy home life was far beyond sickening. When she got to high school her parents told her she needed to try harder to fit in. she told them she would, so she would be left alone about it. The first couple years she grinned and bared it. But one summer nearing her eight-teenth birthday she decided she was going to take her own life. She wanted to make it all end. The lies, the unhappiness, the pain. She had spent the whole summer fighting back tears drowning herself in books of far off worlds and interesting people. She became engrossed in a fantasy world of magic and mystery. A life where people could just be with no questions asked. When she realized that she would never know that kind of happiness, she decided that she just wanted it all to stop. She stole her parents car and headed to an old abandoned house that was hidden behind some trees and shrouded in the mist. She had heard people in town saying that they wished someone would do something to make that old house go away. After all it just didn’t fit in. she felt a strange connection to the house. She felt that house’s pain. She thought. She got a couple gallons of gas and a box of matches. She covered her entire body and the bottom floor of the house in gas then sat in the corner and cried for hours. She started talking to the house like it were a person, maybe the only friend she would ever get to know.. “we are all alone in this world, she said. We are a broken family, society, race. No one appreciates what really matters anymore. No one wants to do what it takes. So I will do what I have to do to make my pain stop. All alone… we’re leaving now. Just you and me…” Then she struck the match, continued to weep and laid down on her belly arms wide as though she was hugging her long lost friend for a final good bye.

As the match landed its flame took over the house. She starred deep into the fire. Thinking, “if a tiny match… just a single match can destroy a home, what chance did I have of surviving against the lies and the pain.” She thought, “I never had a chance.“

Then an explosion in the kitchen brought her back from her thoughts. Still she sat calm. Collected. But strangely she was untouched by the fire.

“why am I not burning?” shewonders, gazing into the flame.

“why do you wish to die?”

“who’s there?” she shouts

“why do you wish to die Raven?”

“WHO are you?” she continued.

“I have no name… to the Greek I was Zeus. After that I was Apollo, I have been called Ra, Shiva, and many other names. To you and your ancestors I am referred to as God.”

“God!? Are you protecting me from this fire?”

“Raven you are more important to this world then you will ever know. Why do you wish to leave it behind?”

“no one, not even my family love me. No one cares if I live or die. No one wants me here. I have no friends. I have no commitment to this world. I am a waste of life. I have no value.” she cries.

“you are what your people refer to as hyper-sensitive. You feel and see things much differently then the rest of the world. But your pain is hindering you from seeing what a true asset you are. So I will show you in another way, If you choose to accept. But the choice, Raven, is yours. IF you do choose to see what i wish to show you, you must know that everyone and everything you know will be gone to you. Forever.”

“What do I have to lose…” she whispers.

“Raven… this fire is going to kill you now. And it is going to hurt very badly. You will wake up, and the pain caused in this life will begin to fade. You will wake in a world very similar to this one you have come to know. But you will be home. At last.”

At that moment the voice disappeared and the fire immediately engulfed her body. The thick black smoke bellowed out though the old paint chipped shutters, then in an instant Raven and the old house that didn’t fit in were gone. Forever.

Broken; Raven’s Background

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Broken; Raven's Background

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