Good Morning Sunshine

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Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



Good morning Sunshine, Waking to your face in my dreams Makes me feel sublime. And how you make that brilliant sky Painted with more vibrant colors Than a rainbow, Makes the shadows turn to hide.

Thank you for the day Sunshine, Your birghtness can't be unkind, And though while you're away Cold iron clouds try to fill my mind to stay, But cannot hold off the paths of light That break through with thoughts of you, Of your smile, of your rays.

Good evening Sunshine, Don't leave me too far behind. As you go once again, You light the horizon Like soft burning glass and gems. And even as the shadows grow, I know they will not win, For the brightness is eternal With memories of your grin.

Goodnight Sunshine, I'm still feeling fine. Your light's a gift The moon will give, As the stars try to match The brightness of your eyes. And night might seem like Eternity, without reprieve or boon, I'll wait from dusk for dawns bright gate, So I can be warmed by Sunlight's kiss soon.

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