Searching for Eden

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A poem written a long time ago, considering an unconventional point of view

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



The sentinels that guard the gate
Where comrades in that hell await,
Detected not discreet escape
To diamond dusted Milky Way.
I've met the moon who did confide
His lunar visage had to hide,
For brother's envy light provide
Escaping from his sunlit pride.
Past the sun and moon I've found
The shepherds colonial hunting ground.
His sheep his slaves he wish to drown
Before their newborn minds abound.
Sanctuary, you left me a flare,
Looking for the lighthouse
You told me was there.
Sanctuary, you held me in your dreams.
Don't tell me your embrace Is not meant for fiends.
Past the atmospheric haze
And stagnant emerald everglades,
Trees with roots that claw to stay
Where worms and mud forever lay.
But now the air is getting sweeter
With every step, every meter,
Jeweled garden cradled beneath
Where his pets are in certain need.
Eden calls out innocence,
Lying in bright chrysalis,
Calling you to show yourself,
You don't really know Until you break your shell.

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