I Wonder If It's Time To Say Goodbye

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this is a sestina, which is a very strict form of poetry..its about the inner struggles of a young woman concerning her relationship

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



I see my breath upon the black canvas of the night

And try to suck it back inside

As I love you's jump from tongue to tongue;

Our hands entwined, our lips locked together

I wish I didn't have to say goodbye,

But it's time for me to go home.


I've come to call your arms my home

When they hold me tightly in the night;

It hurts so much when I have to say goodbye

And through my eyes you see inside

My soul. And we dance together

While you paint pictures with your tongue.


But my road is forked like a snakes tongue

And I cannot remember my way home

Or if we were always and will always be together

Or if it's day or if it's night

Or if my pain is outide or inside

My heart. And I wave goodbye.


Before I leave you plant a kiss goodbye

And I feel the sorrow seed grow on my tongue

Its roots reaching, digging deep inside

And growing into the ground. My home

Is so far away, and I won't get there until the night

Is over but it's ok because we're still together.


You ask me if we'll always be together

But I wonder if it's time to say goodbye

I cry and tears fall from the sky at night

And land on my stolen tongue.

You follow me home

And make sure that it's safe inside.


But I feel a burning deep inside

And I press my lips tight together

Because I'm afraid to scream. I'm home

But you will not say goodbye

And you have a sharpness to your tongue

That cuts right through the night.


And inside my heart I feel it darken like the night

Wishes that we could stay together roll from my tongue

But my home cannot be with you. Goodbye.

© Copyright 2017 Phoebe Kishbaugh. All rights reserved.

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