Love, Death and Other Nonsense

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Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012



So much to say

But I don’t have all day

For my dear, I must tell you

I must go far away.

Why, you ask?

Don’t you know?

I’ve grown tired of this show.

All the smiles and frowns

The ups and the downs

Are enough to put me

In an early grave.

So my love, my dear

I’m afraid you must hear

That by the next year

I’ll be but a spec in the air.

I will blow through your fingers

On a sunny day

I will land on your nose

And you’ll brush me away.

My darling, my love

I know you too well

Though the expression you wear

Is one I can’t tell.

Are you happy?

Or sad?

Are you mad?

Are you glad?

I thought that this

Is all you ever wanted.

Sex and shacking

Then you do your packing

After the thought of a ring.

That just isn’t your thing.

So goodbye

I’ll just die

And when a spec in the air

Finds your tangled-up hair

Just know that it’s me

And I want to be there…

© Copyright 2017 Phoebe Kishbaugh. All rights reserved.

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