Seeking Help

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too many people ask for help and are ignored, and the result is sometimes tragic

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



I think I need to see a shrink

I said between the tears

A shrink will sort out all the thoughts

That I’ve compounded through the years.


You roll your eyes and laugh a bit

You tell me I’m insane

A shrink will give me nothing

Only misery to gain.


I think I need to see someone

I urge a desperate plea

Someone that will hear my side

And set my monsters free.


You sigh and tell me just to stop

I don’t know what I need

A shrink will only mess me up

But on this we aren’t agreed.


I beg you once again before

You walk away and leave me

Too bad you walked so far away

You’ll have no chance to grieve me.


I told you that I needed help

You told me ‘That’s a lie’

But if you’d only let me go

Perhaps I’d be alive.

© Copyright 2018 Phoebe Kishbaugh. All rights reserved.

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