Anything But Average(Part One:Patrick)

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Part One of the "Anything But Average" series in Patrick's POV.

Submitted: January 15, 2014

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Submitted: January 15, 2014



The day started out as usual. You got up, ate some cereal, and did some other stuff. You don't really remember anything until you get to school.

You're name is Patrick Gibson. And you're not happy today. 

Which is really weird, since you're almost always happy. You get to school at the usual time you do, about fifteen minutes after the doors unlock. You go tho the lunchroom and sit at the table you usually do, while one of your best friends is already there, like she usually is. 

Noting has really changed.

You you sit down at the table with your friend. She has long, golden blonde hair and is wearing big nerd glasses.

"Hi Patrick!" she says, giving you a big cheesy smile. 

"Sup, Lillian." you say as you throw your backpack on the ground. 

 "Is something wrong?"

You don't answer her right away, and before she can say anything, another one of your friends shows up.

He must be the tallest boy on the planet. That's what everyone says about him. He's wearing a T-Shirt and shorts, even though it's freezing outside.

"Richie! Patrick's being all gloomy again!" Lillian says in a blubbering panic as he sits down.

Richie looks at you like spiders where crawling out of your ears. 

"What? You're never gloomy! What's wrong now?" He askes as if he where you're dad. 

Lillian all of a sudden looks shocked. "Gwynnie dumped you, didn't she!"

Gwynnie is your ex-girlfriend. She actually didn't break up with you, you broke up with her. But you of course don't want Lillian and Richie to know that, so you just make up a story.

"It's true! She was so aweful! She was so CRUEL! Why did it have to be me? WHY?"

Lillian and Richie both look at me with their mouthes wide open. Then Lillian left and went to the table where the popular girls sit. 

"Great. She's gunna tell Gwynnie..."



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