Living in a Cage- Chapter 2

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This story is about a disease that travels around the wourld killing thousands of people. That supposedly... has no cure.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012






Amethyst's eyes were blood shot. She couldnt feel her arms or her legs. She saw that she was strapped down to a hospital bed. She started yelling frantically as a doctor walked in with a sharp needle. Amethyst hated needles so much that once she say one on a table near her, she would pass out. The doctor strode up to the unconcious girl and slowly stuck the needle into her arm and with drew some of her blood. Then he placed the needle on her neck and with drew more blood. He put the two blood samples in to two differently labled containers then walked out of the room. A nurse then walked in with a rag and some cold water to try to wake Amethyst up.

Meanwhile the doctor walked into a large lab filled with many gadgets and test tubes. He went to the large microscope in the center of the room and placed to two blood samples on two different slides. First he placed the blood from her arm under the microscope, followed by the one from her neck. Both blood samples were exacty the same exept the blood from Amethyst's neck had small, tiny organisms inside that were causing her to go mad. It was impossible to extract the organisms from her blood cells, so Amethyst would die in at least three days. She would have to stay in the hospital, for it was far to dangerous to let her roam free around the town. So amethyst was forced to be strapped onto a hospital bed dying a slow and painful death.

Amethyst had many mental breakdowns and seizures in the last few days of her life. Samantha came to her hospital room every day for as long as she lived and catered to her every whim. Samantha would do whatever she could to make her happy. On the day she was supposed to die she surprisingly lived through. Samantha still belived that Amethyst had a chance of living. A very small chance though.

Samantha burst through the doors to her friends room the next day. Amethyst lay on her bed, twitching and holding a bucket beside her that was either filled with vomit or blood.  Samantha felt the need to comfort Amethystin any way she possibly could. She walked over to her bed and said, " How's it goin' champ?" Samantha tried not to cry. methyst couldnt speak, her head jerked to one side, then the other. She held up her arms and legs and hurled them all around. Amethyst and Samantha both had very frightened expressions on their faces. Amethyst looked like she was choking or was being stabbed. She sat straight up in her bed then fell down. Her legs flew into the air then twisted and crunched. Amethyst shuddered and screamed, "DEAR LORD, SAVE ME!" You could barely understand what she was saying, but Samantha understood perfectly. Amethyst lay in her bed, in the same postion she freaked out in but she didnt move a muscle. Samantha waited, and waited, and waited. She waited for for several minutes. When the doctor walked in he whispered, "Samantha, you need to leave the room." When she did, There was total silence behind her. No screaming or flaiing or crunching. Total silence. She knew what happend. Amethyst was dead.

Samantha ran all the way home sobbing into her old sweat shirt, her eyes blurry with tears. She ran up the stairs to her house and straight into her mothers arms. Tears staining her mothers apron her mpother asked her in a sweet voice, "Samantha, child! Whats gotten into you?" 

"Mom! Amethyst is dead! She had a total melt down and then out of no where. Dead!" Samantha managed to spit out.

"Oh my, Im so sorry. Bless her heart. She was a very good child. She will be terrible missed." Her mother said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Samantha cried for two weeks straight. She just couldnt get over the fact that her best friend is now dead. She now didnt have anyone to have a sleepover with. Or go sledding with her down X-treme hill in the winter. But most of all, she didnt have a best friend to love and care for.



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Living in a Cage- Chapter 2

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