The Hitchhiker's Guide to Current Events

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What we should see and contemplate while traveling through our daily lives.

Submitted: May 05, 2008

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Submitted: May 05, 2008



Perhaps its just the teenager's natually rebellious side, or maybe it is just how we look at situations. However, anyone with half a brain and one eye can tell that the United States is not shaping up to the alluring and prosperous images conjured up by today's political leaders.

I am not trying to put our government down (or am I?), but I do not plan on blinkering myself to what has been going on. I love this country and work hard in hopes that one day, I will be one amongst others that have the ability to help. I tell you now, as words flow out of my fingers and into this keyboard, that we are in trouble.

Lets start with the most obvious changes. Gas prices are growing to record highs- everyday groceries take away much needed emolument from our parents' paychecks. The weather is acting strangely (its spring, and winter cold days are immediately followed by scorching hot suns). Mountains are hidden by clouds of smog. Also, to many employee's detriment....stores that have been open for years close down. Foreclosures are happening left and right, havoc and acrimonious sentiments sowed in the hearts of the many that have been dumped out of their homes due to foreclosures.

Now, lets look deeper into these situations.

1) Gas prices- Just about six months ago, gas prices were at their average- $2.30-$2.85 a gallon. What happened? This is a rather easy question to answer- or it seems. There are many thoughts that I and several other friends have come up with, however, I leave it to others to form their own thoughts based off of "proof" they have holed up.

2) The weather- The day before yesterday, I felt as if my bedroom had become a frozen cave. As my morning ride came, I noticed ice rime on the windshield. Today, it felt like mild summer. The reason? Simple- global climate changes. Why? We humans have overused and abused the Earth's resources without thought for the consequences and without sanctity for the life we destroy as we seek new ways to power our needs. What will happen in the future? We are going to pay the bill for our charges....with sever retribution.

3) Foreclosures- Just today, my mother and I were taking a walk around our little city. We stopped by at a Vons, where we had been shopping for the past ten years. Just as we leave, we see another place, a Hallmark that had been around for about the same time as Vons. It was closed down. Strange, that a properly functioning store like Hallmark would be closed so suddenly. Also, during our little jaunt inside Vons, we noticed very strange signs. Prices had been cut for many of the groceries-even more than the appreciative few that had given in the past. Many pass this off as a favorable omen and do not notice the early, incredibly vivid neon distress signal exclaiming, "A CLOSING AND CRASH HEADING OUR WAY, PLEASE HELP!". Any other thoughts?

Even though my opinions are not necessarily valid in other people's eyes, I DO know one thing. We, even if there are those that are not citizens of the U.S, have a DUTY to fulfill, and i'm not just talking about doing well in high school, earning exemplementary grades, and getting into a feasible college for teens, or having a good income and taking care of our families. That is only part of the puzzle-a puzzle that will never be solved if hands do not move to put the pieces together. EDUCATING ourselves, going the extra mile to ensure that we KNOW the TRUTH behind the government that serves us, and the government we serve (which is pretty hard, i have to admit). Many times, the government does not wish for the people to KNOW the truth. When one thinks about it, doesn't this seem like a child not wanting to show his parents the bad grade he got on a test? WE have to act as the parents to find out what is wrong.

I especially extend this to fellow teens. We ARE the adults of the future. We ARE the presidents, CEOs, managers, Bill Gates, mothers and fathers of tomorrow. It is up to us to assure that our OWN foundations are strong for the sake of tomorrow ever happening.

This is the plea that the world is wailing to us as a whole. Make of it what you wish.

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