2010 - The History of Abdul Alhazred

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The title says it already: the history of Abdul Alhazred (the infamous writer of the Necronomicon).

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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Submitted: April 07, 2011



The maker of the Necronomicon,
Was born into the city of Sana’a;
In the land of Yemen,
Being the Servant of the Devourer.

He served the prophet Mohammed,
In his childhood.
Most remarkable his voice,
In which he spoke the teachings of God.

The King summoned Alhazred to his court,
‘Cause he was inspired by the beauty of the youth.
In return; he needed to recite poetic verses,
In enjoyment of the King.

Alhazred began to love one of his daughters,
And he took his passion with the girl.
Had he controlled his passion;
The King might have given her in marriage.

The affair roused the fury of the King,
When he found out she was pregnant.
The King roasted the infant on a spit,
And made Alhazred eat his own child.

Him they mutilated:
His verile member, nose and ears.
And left him in the desert,
So he would die thereof.

This caused Alhazred his reason,
‘Cause all in the desert shunned him.
Except for the nightly life:
Demons of darkness and alike.

The desert-beasts and demons his guides,
Embarking on a mad quest;
To restore his mutilated body,
Worshiping antediluvian Deities.

With magic disguising his face,
He wanted to return to claim the princess as his bride.
But first he needed to learn arcane lore and knowledge;
With the great power of his remarkable voice.

In Giza he learned the way of restoring life to corpses,
And demanding them to do his bidding;
From a cult with shaven heads,
As I, Phoenixia, saw in my vision.

In Chaldea he became perfected in astrology,
In Alexandria he learned forgotten tongues;
And the use of the voice, becoming barbareous
Being the only thing he had left.

Alhazred accepted his repellent condition,
Knowing no magic could restore him.
Living within the walls of Damascus,
In great luxury...

In his residence at Damascus,
He wrote down the infamous Necronomicon.
Or better said Al Azif,
The drone of beetles.

One day while buying wine in the market-square,
Alhazred was caught up into the air;
And seized by a terrible creature,
Leaving only splashes of blood...

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