My Devilish Romance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a little something I wrote for giggles. It's gonna get complicated but enjoy. :)

With Bill back in Germany and Gerard still on tour, I was bored and alone; I hated being bored. And alone too but eh, what could I do?
I lay down on my bed and flipped through the address book on my phone, one name caught my eye: Jared (Jay) Leto. Wow, I hadn't talked to him in a few months, mustering some courage I hit the small green button.
" OH MY GOD, I HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN SO LONG! Hi Koda." He answered excitedly.
I laughed, "Hi, Jared, how are you?"
"I'm Ok, what about you?" He replied, my phone signaled another call.
"I'm good." I yawned. "hey, can you hold on a second?"
"Yeah, of course." He said.
"Thanks," I smiled, putting him on hold and answering the other call. "Hello?"
"Hey!" Bill greeted me happily, "What the hell?! Don't throw that at me!" He yelled away from the phone.
"Um?..." I giggled.
"Sorry, the guys keep throwing things at me." Bill explained.
"Oh, sounds like fun." I smiled, rolling over and letting my head hang over the edge of the bed.
"Yeah," He chuckled "Dammit! Stop! Mind if I call you back, love?"
"Not at all." I giggled again
"Ok, talk to you later, AHHHHH!"
Click, I shook my head and giggled again.
I went back to my call with Jared "Sorry bout that." i apologized.
"It's alright, so where are you now-a-days?" he questioned
"I'm still in Jersey." I told him.
"Aw, darn." He whined.
"So where are you, Mr. Movie Star?" i asked
"Not in the movies anymore." he stated.
"Oh really?" i sat up, surprised.
"Boo." Someone poked my sides from behind making me squeak.
"You ok?" Jared asked. I looked back and saw Gerard leaning over me smiling.
"Yeah I'm fine, i gotta go. Talk to ya later." I said
"Alright bye." he said before i flipped my phone shut.
"Hai." I said to my once dark haired but now vibrant red headed boyfriend, "What's with the hair?"
Gerard shrugged, "I got bored."
"It looks adorable." I giggled.
"Damn, it was supposed to look bad-ass." Gerard muttered.
I dissolved into a giggle fit "Baby, you can't look bad-ass with cherry, bad romance lace red hair."
"Nice with the Gaga reference." he chuckled.
"Ra-ra-ah-ah." I started.
"Noooooo!!!!" Gerard held a pillow over his ears and landed face down on the bed.
"Gaga oh la la." i leaned closer to him.
He shot up and shouted "Want your bad romance!"
I again found myself falling off the bed consumed by giggles, Gerard pulled me back onto the black sheets and smiled.
"Hi." I smiled still giggling every once in a while.
"Hey." He grinned and pecked me on the cheek.
"Ist meir liebe keine freunde blieben" My phone vibrated in my pocket.
"VIBRATIONS IN MAI PANTS!" i yelled, pulling out said phone.
Caller ID:
with the most ridiculous picture of him ever.
"Yello, like lemon jello, this is Koda." I answered in my casual tone.
"You still do that?" he giggled.
"Hell to yeah!" I smiled, Gerard gave me a questioning look "Old friend." I whispered to him.
"HEY! I'm not old! I'm four months younger than you!" He shouted, jokingly.
"SO you're calling me old?"
"why yes in fact I am." he laughed.
"Pssshhhhaaaa." i rolled my eyes.
"Don't roll your eyes at me missy!" Bill exclaimed.
"I didnt!" i lied.
"Yeah ya did, you made your little 'Psssshhhhaaa' noise while you did." he knew me waaaaaaaay to well. (AN: LOL Way.)
"So anyway!!!!" Bill started rapidly speaking in German, I looked at Gerard who now looked even more confused than before becasue he obviously doesn't speak it.
"Billa....Kalm....." I smiled.
"I'm confused....since when did you know German?" Gerard asked.
"A while..." i stated "Bill calm down you're starting to mix Russian and German again!"
"Oh, bitte." he chuckled. " anyway, i'm gonna go to sleep now!" I looked at the clock, It was 6 am in Germany.
"Fail, Billa, Fail." I rolled my eyes.
"Stop rolling your eyes!" He said.
"OH MY GOD! How?" i asked
"I'm a fucking ninja."
"God, he's insane."  i whispered
"Um, confused boyfriend here." Gerard stated.
"Oh, one of my friends from Germany, Bill Kaulitz, he's in Tokio Hotel you might know them....."
"Oh," he laughed "I do, they're hilarious, especially the singer; like the way he dresses...."
I gave him a look. A look saying 'Go any further and no more sex for you.' that made him stop crtizing my friends.
"Let's go to sleep...." i said realizing it was 2 am...eek, that meant i called Jared at like midnight... oops.
"Sleep sounds lovely" Gerard yawned.

Sleep did not go so well, Gerard had had another night terror. He sighed and took another sip of his water. I was sitting behind him massaging his shoulders and yawning every so often.
"You need to go back to sleep..." he whispered leaning on me.
 "I won't until you do." I replied.
"then you're gonna be up for a while." He stated.
"I know. So how about we cuddle and talk?" I kissed the top of his head, his hair was damp with sweat.
"Sounds good." he grinned a little. So we did, we lay there in one anothers' arms and talked. About a range of things, childhood friends, issues we've had and many other things. I started to doze then Gerard started to hum, damn him... I fell asleep again.

It was morning the next time I woke up, Gerard was no where to be seen. I sighed and got up, slipping on my slippers and wondered downstairs.
Gerard was standing at the stove in his skeleton feetie pajamas. I giggled and grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch.
"Morning." I called wrapping the blanket around myself 
"Morning, want some hot chocolate?" He asked, smiling at me over his shoulder.
"Sounds yummy" I grinned shuffling over to him. He kissed me and then poured hot cocoa into two cups.
"crap. I was supposed to be at work ten minutes ago." I muttered.
Gerard shook his head, "Look out the window."
"okie dokie." I walked over to the bay window that was in our dining room, a fresh layer of snow coated the streets.
"Snow day" he whispered kissing my neck and handing me one of the cups.
"Awesome." I smiled taking a sip. My phone rang from upstairs.
"I'll get it." Gerard said skipping to the stairwell and then sprinting up the stairs. "Hello?"
"OH, Hi Amber! Yeah she's here."
Gerard returned moments later and handed me my phone, "It's Amber."
" I gathered that." I smiled. "Hallo?"
I laughed "Calm down, dude."
I looked down at my phone and laughed. "My god my friends are insane."
Gerard laughed.
"Well... gotta go get dressed wanna come with me?"
"Nah," he shrugged "i have to work on some stuff here anyway."
(AN: ok, well in this stroy i am a whore but in real life i have A, ONE, EINS, UNO boyfriend got it?)
"Mmkay." I said going upstairs and putting on warmer clothing.
Three hyper knocks echoed through the house.
"Amber is here!" Gerard laughed. I skipped downstairs and kissed Gerard.
"I love you." He smiled.
"Love you too."  I grinned. "see you later."
"Yup." he smiled as I went outside.
"OMG SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Amber yelled.

Submitted: November 28, 2010

© Copyright 2021 PhoenixKoda. All rights reserved.

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