A Dying Boys Last Thoughts

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Last Thoughts

Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Submitted: September 06, 2013



  The cold water rushed in around him as he sank down into the oceans mouth, being pulled by the ugly fangs of the devil himself, and as he stared up at the glimmering, gently lopping surface of the water, it wasn’t the dim, fading light that he saw. 

What he saw was much better then that.

he saw her

Her metallic hair glistening in the golden setting sun as she stood on the same peck he had stood on, staring down at him as he caressed her mangled face softly with his eyes. Even though his vision was blurred by the water, she had never been as clear to him as she was right then.

He don`t remember seeing her jump, but in a blink of an eye she was breaking the waters surface. He stared in awe and wonder as he watched her come closer, her teeth bared, a bitter, blood lust look flashing in her pale eyes. His heart sped up and burst as he watched her come closer and closer, warming up his cold, bloodless veins.

With the last bit of his strength he reached out his arms toward her, feeling the monster let go of his ankle. She reached out for him too, but he just kept falling back, deeper and deeper into the dark hell that lurked below, his eyes only on her, silently saying what he had always been too afraid to say.

"My beautiful angel……"

The world went white.

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