It wasn`t supposed to happen....

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
She had always thought she was destined to be with Corey...but what if the universe had another in mind...

Submitted: September 03, 2013

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Submitted: September 03, 2013



It wasn't meant to happen.

It was purely a mistake...just the heat of the moment. least, that was what I had been telling myself.

Running those words over and over again in mind.

But still...the memories came, breaking through all other thoughts, drowning them out.

Consuming me.

The feel of his hands as they stroked my skin...his finger tips running over the most sensitive parts of me, his wet hair brushing lightly against my cheek as he leaned down to press his cool lips to the heated skin of my neck.

Even then, days later and sitting on a crowded classroom, I felt my heart speed up, my breath hitching up a notch as my eyes scanned up and over, passing over the heads of the other students, uninterested.

There he was.

How he always had been for all the years I had known him.

Hunched over his school books, his arms out stretched, hands dangling over the edge of his desk as his shoulders rose and fell with his gentle slumber breathes.

I smiled slightly as some of his chocolate brown hair fell onto his forehead, my fingers, clenched around my pencil, itched to reach out and brush it back, once again feeling the silky strands running through my fingers.

I could still remember it...

So well that I could still feel the unique texture.

The foreign feeling of another person's hair cascading down my arms, fanning down my chest and stomach as he ran his tongue across my flushed flesh.

I tore my eyes away as my cheeks grew hot, ripping my gaze from him and turning it down towards the book that was laid out in front of me, staring down unseeing at the smeared blots of words that lined the page.

Suddenly, over head, the bell rang and I found my desk surrounded by a horde of kids rushing towards the exit, books still in hand, left out of their bags amidst the mad dash out of the class.

Slowly, I stood and made my way out to the hall on wobbley legs. I noticed my hand shake, ever so slightly as I reached out for my locker, my fingers just brushing the handle before I pulled it back.

I tightened my hand into a fist as I pressed it to my chest, my eyes glued in the ground ad my mind raced.

It made no sense...

Yes, logically, it is more then possible to develop feels for somebody over a significant amount of time...


...this was SHAWN.

Corey's best friend!

Oh no...Corey...

My head snapped up as the locker door beside me opened, the metal clashing loudly. I looked up at the familiar smiling face beside me and felt my heart sink.

If he ever finds out...oh god...if he ever found out, it would kill him...

"Is everything okay, Topanga?" Corey asked, his voice was low and concerned as it broke through my whirlwind of thoughts, silencing them with his simple words. I smoothed the scowl upon my face and forced a smile.

"Yes, Corey..." my voice was not much more then a whisper. "Everything is fine."

My lie was feeble, and I knew it.

I knew he didn't believe it by the way he looked at me with deep, worried eyes one if his eyebrows rising in accusation.

But still, he said nothing to call me out.

"Hey, Core." the voice sent the foreign heat of lust once again raging in my body, the cold finger of guilt running down my spine in answer as I turned my head, my eyes rolling over the beautiful, dark haired boy that was making his way over.

"Hi, Shawn." Corey said, pulling some books from his locker, mot failing to notice as I sank back into the lockers. "Do you have any idea what's wrong with Topanga?" he asked in a whisper, making Shawn look over, his blue eyes running over me, taking me I'm from head to toe. Once again, I felt my cheeks flare.

"Are you okay?" he had asked, turning his head from where he laid beside me, his flushed cheek touching the crisp white pillowcase.

I had met his eyes, feeling a shy smile caress my lips as I took him in, burning the image into my memory. Him beside me, skin pinkened and glistening, his hair plastered to his forehead and cheeks with sweat,one arm out stretched towards me, raising goosebumps as his fingers gently stroked my arm as I lost myself in his eyes...

"Yeah..." I had heard myself whisper, turning over to lay a feather like kiss on his reddened, swollen lips. "Always..."

"Topanga!" I was snapped back to reality by a hand waving in front of my face. I looked up, feeling my chest press against his much harder one, my face mere inches from his... close I could feel his warm breath fan over my face as I resisted the urge to lean in and take in his scent.

Breathe in the smell of smoke and rain...

The odd combination that always seemed to hang on his porcelain like skin.

"Shawn..." I had said, looking over at the flawless boy beside me, his eyes closed, a peaceful look on his face.

"Hmmm..." he had said, his long fingers slowly making their way through my tangled, bed messed hair.

"Nobody can ever know..." his eyes had opened at my words, settling on mine. "Especially not Corey.."

"Yeah...I know." He replied, pulling his hand away ever so slowly as he dropped eyes, but not before a flash of shot through their bottomless depths, tearing into my heart like a knife. "Corey doesn't deserve this pain..."

Choking back a sob I shot out, locking my arms around his neck, my hands resting just right on his back to feel his steady heartbeat thud against my finger tips.


"Are you okay?" he said, a small twinkle hidden deep in his ocean colored eyes just for me. I felt my cheeks burn slightly as I looked down fir a brief second, only to look back up into his eyes, a small, secretive smile on my lips.

"Yeah..." I said, watching his smile turn warm as the words fell from my tongue. "Always..."

"Shawn...I-" I had cut off, my lips parted as I looked over at him, trying to find the words as he looked up at me through his eyelashes, driving all conherent thoughts away. "I..."

"I know..." he had said, stroking my cheek with his thumb, a warm, loving smile splitting his lips and lighting up his eyes. "I love you too."



This is a work of fanfiction :) I claim no rights to boy meets world.

© Copyright 2020 PhoenixPhenomenon. All rights reserved.

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