An Owl's Nightmare

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ok I really have NO CLUE why I got the idea for this but I think it is pretty cool, mysterous and everything but what fun is there without mystery?!
Anyway Nuka, or Nuktia (greek) has this gift and it goes along, this secret society has been after her through out her lives since before she can remember, which is a long time.
though she really isn't a threat until she meets her one her only her Leo who is the reason she is found and always killed in her lives.

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



She walked in, the doors quickly shutting behind her. She knew it was stupid to give her life for him, knew it with every fiber of her being. Though she wouldn’t think of the lowly existence she would endure should she let him die.

He was the reason they wanted her, the reason her heart hurt, and the reason she was about to die. She walked down the dark corridor, no fire burned on the walls, just darkness. A taste of her future she was certain of it. Her white hair sailed behind her caught in a wind current that only exists for her.

“Eyes of yellow,

Hair of white,

Mind of thought

The owl will return,

Through loves door.”

 The voice chanted in a slimy oily voice. The voice of course did not scare her, but the words tore at her flesh, acting as if she had feathers underneath and they are ready to be seen. She continued down the hallway until she saw him. His long black hair obscured around him, lying flat on rock, she knew that rock. He was shackled to it, he looked pale and weak. Though his muscular bod would tell you different, this man looked ready for deaths door. Her heart sank, and with it she did to.

“Let him go.” She cried though her voice was barely heard. The old man who wanted the gift, if it could be categorized as a gift turned and silenced himself.

“Aw, Nuktia, you’ve finally come. Driven by love once again, how many times have you fallen for it?”

“Let him go.” She said again finding her voice. “It’s me you want, let him go.”

“Nuka no, go while you still can.”

“You puny human have no say in the matter. She knows as well as I once she has walked through that door her fate is sealed. Had she not come you would have died.”

“Like you haven’t killed me enough as it is.”

“Leo, shut up or he will kill you.”

“I don’t care, now run.” He looked at her. She knew what the rock was doing; draining his life in hours maybe a few days top if he was lucky until he was too weak to even beat his heart.

“No,” she turned her attention to the old man. “Let him go.”

“I will when I know you will not try to escape your fate.”

“I Nuktia, daughter of Night, and Ruler of the Night Hunts, swear upon immediate release of Leo Johnson, will not attempt to escape fate.”

He smiled his slick oily smile, “Guards.” Men in black without an inch of flesh showing slowly crossed the room to her.

“Nuka, I said no.” Leo’s voice was even more strained than before; soon he would fall into a sleep that he may never wake up from. Nuktia looked at him. They took him down before they grabbed her. They brought them close together one last time like they had a thousand other times.

“I am for you. I told you how oaths work for me.” She whispered.

“Then make me a promise.” He said lazily.


“Promise you won’t give your life for me next time; promise me we’ll move somewhere they won’t look for us.”

She did. The guards took her to the stone she sat down and placed her legs in the right spot. She looked at Leo one more time then laid on the stone. “She won’t remember her promise, Leo.” The old man smirked ”In her new life she will be completely changed.”

“But not her mind, it stays unchanged.”

“Take him back. I don’t want to see him again.”

“I promised to behave if you let him go.” Nuktia said.

“Awe, well you didn’t really define ‘go’ Leo is free of the rock,” he flipped a switch. “Which I did.”

“I said release him.”

“Too late now Owl,” he said. Then he began chanting the ancient incantation killing this life, which led to the next one. “Bye, Nuktia, come to us owl.”

The rock stole her heart, leaving her an empty hollow of a human life. It fed from her only growing bigger, until she had no life to feed it.

Seventy Years Later

The cries of new born baby girl fill the home of a young man and woman. They smile down at they’re precious little girl. Her silver hair shone in the dusk of a long night

“Nuktia, oh dear it’s perfect! “ Said the woman.

“Our little owl,” Agrees the man.

© Copyright 2020 PhoenixRain. All rights reserved.

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