Can It?

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this is most likely a jumpled mess but I wrote this in two class periods today and its rather long (sorry for that) the person who this is written for should know it'd origion
and for the PoetWatcher or who ever this is from my heart even if its not our classical poets at work I am not the classics at work I am a 16 year old girl get over it!

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



You need forgiveness

I need truth

You complicated much

For the feeling of truth

You broke the ties

The bonds you want back

Though how am I to forgive

After all the truth you denied

You wrote me the villain

My Twin the Mastermind

Though you forgot my truth

The only words I speak

Though you want forgiveness

And I want truth

Should I really give the bonds

To the misguided?

Do you really know

What was so wrong?

Will your words conquer

Or wither like the past?

How do the misguided

Find the way back?

Can you tell me the truth

Of what was done

How your light died

In a mere gust

Of the wind

Who wanted your light to rust

Can you bring me the past

Make it all right

Erase from my mind

Out of my sight

How am I to forgive

When the misguided

Heart remains

That can be reminded

Of the false past

My council undecided

Foolishness remains

That will only reminded

Of the reoccurring history

For once already done

Will come back again

The past to come and shun

Can the misguided

Turn away from wrong

Come back to the ones

Who stood along side

Though can the past

 Be over written

Lost from the mind

Gone to Atlantis?

Can the misguided find

The way

From the darkness

Back to the truth?

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