Mara's Castle

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ok, so I got bored in all of my classes a few days ago, so I started this, now please don't ask were I get my ideas because I really have no idea. I just started writing and this is the finished product.
I don't know how to explain it lol just please read and enjoy!!!

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012



She simply stood there, as if it were completely normal. Her eyes glowed with the light of the skies. They shifted from red or an oddly burned orange for the sun, yellow to white like the stars above, to a simple blue for the night sky’s moon.

Mara always had this when she called for her power of the skies. Though this time, she stood with silver wings that moved and flexed as she moved. She had become the demon of the skies.

We knew her demon had always resided inside her, just needed to get out. All our demons had that age where they grew. Though Mara had changed, she stood barefoot on the stone rubble of the castle that made her what she is.

"Stand down Flame Heart." Mara said. Even her voice had changed. She sounded like she had more than one voice connected with her own voice.

"Not until you come home." I said. "You not safe on your own. The Hunters-"

"My demon had fully arrived, I can stand on my own." Her voices said.

"You’re demon still has to settle. They’re coming-"

"Flame Heart, you are not needed here." Mara said. She raised my hand and white light began to form.

All I have to do is think, "Shield" and a red fiery shield wrapped around me. Her light bounced off like an annoying bug you shoo away.

"I see your demon in nearly ready." Mara said. "Though you can’t fight my sky demon."

"Fire always burns bright, while the sky darkens. You are no match for me."

My demon though she is still small, packs a punch. Mara was the weak one, though she was a nice girl, only thirteen years old.

We always believed an early demon damages the mind. One of our own was ruined, turned as dark as the night.

I let my self heat and flame, until my entire body was an entire fire. Mara smiled, "Awe, Flame Heart. Is this your true form?" She waited. "It’s not much, no wings? Hmmm." In that moment fiery red phoenix feathers sprung from my back. "That’s more impressive." She pulled her hands into her and let go of her form. She stood there with her silver wings then her body simmered the same sequence as her eyes. "Hmm, that’s much better."

She sent a volley of light shards at me. I rebounded with a fiery wall, which engulfed her attack and hit her. Though she still stood there, proudly glowing a bit brighter.

"Dang it." I thought. "Fire is light to her. That’s where her power is focused." I felt stupid for not realizing it in the beginning. Though I also felt proud I had figured it out when I did.

"You know there is a reason I’m a Flame Heart, and not just a Flame." I said, reaching into down into the earth. I found what I’m looking for. "I control all things fire." I pulled at it and the lava spread across the ground.

Mara still smiled, lava in her eyes was simply fire, though I new better. Lava in composed of fire and rock, this would hurt her if nothing else would.

She sent more light shards backed with a beam of moon behind it. I sent a shield after a volley of lava was sent her way. Her attack broke threw, I ducked then as I stood I saw Mara trying to get the lava off. She yelped as she flicked it and all it did was smear, causing even more pain. "Hmmm, found a weakness. Well, I know yours." She raised her hands into the air; every light suddenly turned off, as if they were on a switch.

I felt a slight pull, almost like darkness dragging me down. My fire cooled and my wings shrunk, my demon hid. Yes, I know that’s weird but she went to the hottest part of me. The fire that always burns my core.

I knew without the strength of my demon, I was on my own. If I didn’t watch how much power and energy I used, I’d die. I couldn’t let that happen unless; Mara goes down with me.

"Mara, I didn’t come to fight." I said.

"Save it Domera." Mara said. "You don’t want to fight because you’re weak. You can’t fight me without your demon." She sent another volley of shards. I on the other hand went back to basics; I created a shield, though the attack broke my defense and hit me straight on. I landed with a face full of dirt; my fire left in patched and my human hair lay in clumps of dirt. Though you couldn’t really tell with how dark it is.

I stood up, and with the last of my fire I moved the lava up and around her. Mara tried to break my concentration, when that failed she went after the lava. When yet another attack failed she ended up using her own attack on herself. I wrapped it around her, until she had no more control of the sky. My demon took control, I was demonized again.

I still had control of the lava around Mara. She stood completely still. "Mara, you are unsafe for us to let you go. You are unfit of you powers and your Sky Demon. It is my pleasure to rid the worlds, the human and the demon worlds of you. Farewell, and may the Demon Lords have mercy on you." I sent every ounce of lava in my deposal and enclosed it around her. Then cooled it into unbreakable iron.

My demon let the fire go, ready for rest and the next battle. Though she left me with the wings, for now. I flew from the rubble of Mara’s Castle. The Hunters will find her and her ruins. They will also know to hunt for the Flame Heart, the strongest Demon now to exist.

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