Sweet Victim, Sweet Knife

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A similar occurence in my life.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



My hands covered in soap and shaking as she yells at my back. She says something especially untrue and disrespectful, I spin to face her slinging Palmolive all over the fake wood floors.

Her voice stabbing me in places only she can reach. She is supposed to protect those places, not hurt me deeply. I plead in a tight voice, I beg her to stop. Tears I swore would not fall begin to spill. My anger riseing like a disgusting overflowing bile.

I hold back the violent words biting my lips. She continues torwards my face, now my knees are becoming weak with submission. I refuse to submiss though, something turns cold inside of me.

I stand up straight the salty waterfalls becoming as dry as a desert. My words spill out at first as calm prophecy, they become dry icy knives, then transform into a screaming inferno.

Her reaction starts at shock, goes to rage, shame, humiliation, to pure sobs of a brokenheart. My words pour out though, never ceaseing. No mercy. I repeatedly stab her with words held back for so long. She folds over and drops to the floor.

Angry tears hot and fast threaten. I hate the way she is crying, always the victim, her favorite act. I finally stop the river of words.

I fall to my knees, tears hot and swift, cold and slow, the only sound to break the silence between us is the stream of steady tears of a bond ripped apart by strain and unease. 

I should feel new, and powerful but I dont. I feel alone and cold and broken. Icy and cruel guilt gnaws at me. I swallow my pride and shame and crawls torwards her shattered frame.

She envelops me into an embrace filled with so much love and need for me new tears cover both of us. She says nothing but I can hear her screaming her love for me. She rocks me never letting me go.

We fall asleep in each other's arms. Soaked with tears. I awaken to the bright early rays of athe golden sun of a new day. I awaken in my mothers arms as her daughter.

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