Why We React Differently

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An Epoch Making Research On Human Behaviour

Submitted: November 20, 2007

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Submitted: November 20, 2007



I am writing this to share a new realization which dawned upon me; well exactly 2 hours after the dawn. I was always fascinated by the different emotions and reactions shown by people under a given circumstance. I know that not all the circumstances in life are given, sometimes they just drop in, but well that’s a different story altogether I guess. Take example of recent catastrophe in Bangladesh; some cursed the government for its negligence and non existing rescue mechanism; some enjoyed the unexpected holiday and the free days at home; some tried their hand in social service by distributing foods to the stranded people and some simply sat in a bar and spread rumours of an impending Tsunami. Isn't it amazing how an event created so many actions?

Being an inquisitive soul, I decided to find a plausible reason for this Human Behaviour. And then I remembered about an article by Vikas Singh ; and hey presto, everything cleared in a moment. Well to avoid the credit of this epoch making research to slip away from my hand may I humbly put the following piece of brilliance as Research Paper on Why We React Differently (based on Secondary Data or is it Tertiary …. What the hell, I will just put this guys name in Acknowledgement to avoid number crunching) What the article says is that we have three types of brains developed at different stages of evolution (based on some neurologist Paul Maclean’s study;) To short circuit the long evolutionary process let me just tell u the inference of the data. Essentially we have got three kinds of brain: -

The Reptilian Brain (‘R’ Complex) – the most primitive part which takes care of basic functions like breathing and most importantly the instinctive fight-or-flight reaction. It was developed when we were nothing but creepy creatures crawling on the earth trying to avoid being smashed by one of those well endowed brothers now known as Dinosaurs. Now I know whom to blame when I just allow that big bulging guy in the gym to run on the tread mill even if it is my turn; I am not coward, it’s just that the reptile inside me hijacks my brain at that point of time. Well I guess I was an centipede some 6000 yrs back, so it has more flight instinct that fighting one (looking at the positive side at least I had 100 legs compared to that Four Legged Tyrannosaurus who had more of fighting instinct…well I must find out the family tree of that bulging guy, must have been Tyrannosaurus in the past)

The Limbic System (Paleo mammalian Brain) – well if both my readers are thinking that it controls the Limbs then u missed the bulls eye (why they say its Bulls Eye; well they even say its raining cats and dogs … and we think they are smart). It got developed during the time when we were not mammals; to put it simply, all of the kids were born tough because they had to break the shells of the eggs to see the daylight!!! Or maybe moonlight depending on the timing of this egg breaking activity. It controls our emotional and sexual behavior. It includes the seat of our emotions or what the people in white coats say Amygdala. So if you are too emotional then you can always pass the blame to the poor non mammal who was you some 3000 yrs back. I don’t want to get into the sexual behavior; however if some one say that you are kinky or pervert then ask them to see Animal Planet; they will get enough proof of the kinkiness of the non mammals (man, I wonder why don’t they ban that channel, even Jennaa Jameson in all her avatar is a kid in her nappy before these creatures)

The Rational Brain (Neocortex)– that’s what we developed recently and is known as the ‘mother of all invention and father of all abstract thought’. It is where emotional nuances and ‘finer feelings’ stem from. You see, I got the perfect alibi for getting into many more of these kind of research, because the father side of my Neocortex is stronger than mother side; that’s the reason all my abstract research have never invented anything so far.

However I will say that thank god (or evolution) for this brain; it’s the panacea we were looking for. For example if your boss finds you day dreaming then u can always say to him, “Sir, presently the father side of my Neocortex is controlling me while the mother side is taking a break” ….. well the success of this depends what were u 6000 yrs back because that will decide whether your Reptilian brain will give a fighting instinct or flight instinct….and again this has to be well supported by Limbic System to give u that right degree of emotional touch on your face which will again depend on ...

Before this article sends a signal straight from your thalamus to your amygdala and you hunt me down and thrash me and shout : “Saale ko maar dala” ….(killed that bas***d) My centripetal reptilian brain is sending me very intense flight signal ……….

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