Sunny Afternoon

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Wrote this when at school. Based on 7 ages of man by Shakespear

On this hazy summer afternoon,

Such a lazy summer afternoon,

I hear another teething baby crying from its cot,

In the hospital across the street

When along comes a young mother

Dressed in a suit style outfit

With her four year old kid;

Who has a lollipop in one hand and her mother’s hand in the other.

Not far behind,

A teenager is bouncing down the road.

To his friends house to watch the soccer on the TV.

But this chap seems happy,

Unlike the young depressed mother.

Next door is a middle aged business man

Always in a dark coloured pin stripped suit.

He’s got guests for lunch

Like always.

Only this time,

I think,

He’s got his older brother,

Aged about 60, I guess,

Who’s dressed his age and sitting in the biggest armchair,

Smoking his extra long pipe.

The smell of cinnamon and smoked applewood

Can always be smelt in my room.

The other side,

The old peoples home.

There always seems to be a kid,

Crying out,

For his mum;

Only yesterday,

A kid was crying out for his mum,

When his grandma died.

She was the eldest in the home – about 90;


How these hot summer afternoons go on.

They go on,

For ever


Oh Why?





Submitted: February 13, 2016

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