Love's Revenge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This poem contains some disurbing material. It is not intended for younger audiences, or those week of stomach.
Read at own risk. This is not a personal story, and it does not imply that i beleive in such things named in this poem. It is completely made up.

Submitted: January 07, 2011

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Submitted: January 07, 2011



The one man selected from all the rest,

She chose with no hesitation.

But ripped his heart right from his chest;

Bruised, Beaten, Showing lacerations.

He fell for one without compassion,

She abused his care. Manipulated his mind.

Now he stands there empty,

Longing for someone to find.

He waited and waited,

For the one who would understand.

But no one had a clue,

What he had just then planned.

Later he was found,

Hanging from a rope.

The pain had altered him,

Gave him no option to cope.

He loved her dearly,

With all his heart.

No one else measured up,

No one played the part.

So there he lays,

Buried six feet under.

She cursed his name,

Made his life a blunder.

He swore his revenge,

The poor victim of hurt.

One day he would return,

To take down the little flirt.

He descended into Hell,

For what he had sworn.

He was hated and abused,

His soul had been torn.

But in meeting the Devil,

He received another choice.

“Go back as me.”

The boy shuttered from his voice.

So he returned to earth,

Seeking his revenge.

He was a changed man,

Carrying the Devil’s stench.

He’ll find what he is looking for,

A mission with no end.

Until he finds his true love,

His demons are his friends.

When he finds his sworn enemy,

He’ll do with her what he had planned.

He’ll rip her blackened heart out,

And crush it with his hand.

He’ll smash her bleeding skull in,

And slice up all her skin.

He’ll chop up her squishy brain,

In pieces small and thin.

He doesn’t accept forgiveness.

He doesn’t enjoy betrayal.

So be careful how you treat him,

And never let his love fail.

© Copyright 2020 photographer97. All rights reserved.

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