Nightmare - 2013

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Haven't been on here for a long time... I wrote this a few years back while I was in France and never published it.. so here it goes..

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013






By:  Konner Mitchener


Tuesday 5th April 2011


My clothes spread out across the tile floor, I stand in the middle of the bathroom; facing the large glass mirror hanging on the wall.  I stare blankly at my thin, pale body.  My long, bony arms hang down, helplessly, at my sides.  My dull, grey eyes observe their reflection in front of them.  I look at my long, unhappy face.  Underneath thick, dirty brown hair hides a face covered in small, embarrassing red blemishes.  I slowly look down; gazing at the various scars on my wrists.  The desperate cries for help permanently written on my arms stare back at me.  My hopelessness is sickening.  I pray that some day, I’ll be able to just open my eyes, like this is all just a dream; A dream of loneliness, hopelessness, and depression.  But life is no dream.  This is all real.  My loneliness is real.  My hopelessness is real.  What I’m about to do is real.  I break my gaze of the portrait of me in the mirror, and turn to face the large white bath-tub on the other side of the room.  I plug one electrical cord lying on the floor into the socket on the wall.  Then I plug another into that extension cord.  One after another, I plug multiple extension cords and power bars into each other.  I pick up the large web of white, black and grey cords, and throw them all, except for the first one, into the water-filled bath-tub.  Without hesitation, I now step into the tub.  I lay down in the water, amongst the various cords.  I take the main black power bar in my hand, and put my finger on the switch.  I think about what I am about to do, and hesitate for a moment.  But then I think about my life; and the pain that I’ll go back to if I don’t do this.  I move around once more in the web of cords, and then quickly flip the switch on the power-bar.  An unbearable jolt of pain floods through my body.  The pain doesn’t last long though.  I hear the crackles of sparks leaping out of the cords, and then everything goes silent.  My time of pain and suffering is over.  My life on this planet is over.  My nightmare is over.

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