James and Elizabeth

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a short monologue can be used to do an audition. can also be used for a dialogue if u wish to fill the spaces where elizabeth will speak.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011




James and Elizabeth. Spaces indicate where Elizabeth should be speaking, and thus appropriate pauses are essential.


James: Ah Elizabeth, you’re here! Back so soon? It has been such a busy day.

Don’t bother trying to hide your face. I’ve already seen the tears that stain it.


James: [comforting] Now-now. I didn’t mean it harshly. Tell me what is bothering you.


James: [confused] You’ve been to see the doctor. What on earth for?


James: The pains in your stomach… [malicious] What did he say? Did he give you the news? [Pause then surprised] Oh, such a slip of the tongue. How should I know what he said?


James: [slight undertone of mocking] He said that you’d lost the baby? Preposterous!


James: [irritated and eager] Of course I’m upset! Keep going!


James: [confused] He said that it died of natural causes? [angry] how could such a reputable man lie o you so blatantly?


James: [irritated] it’s obvious he’s lying to you! I should know. I threw the pill in your drink myself. [another awkward pause and again surprised] Oh my, another slip. I don’t know what I’m saying. It must be the heat.


James: [insulted] No, it wasn’t! I couldn’t! How could you even think such a thing?


James: [soft and slow] Then again. I couldn’t bare the thought of my Elizabeth carrying another man’s child in her womb. My womb.


James: [maniacal and loud] Fine, I admit it! I killed that thing in you. It was so easy.


James: [mockingly and filled with hatred] My dear, you seem to be misinterpreting me. You never were pregnant. A pregnancy is a wonderful gift, born of love, a child of wedlock. Yours is a monster summoned from a heated night with a servant. Or should I say WAS?


James: [maniacal and mockingly] You haven’t even heard the best yet! That pill has killed you inside. You will never bare a child. It has “cleansed” you.

[crazy laugh. Suddenly stops when looking at Elizabeth]

James: [panicked, soothing , afraid] Elizabeth? There’s no need for that. [back away] Stop it! Put down the knife, Elizabeth! No. Elizabeth… [running] No.

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