Mirrors mirrors on the wall

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What really happens when your not around to see a mirror?could there actually be a new life??

Submitted: May 14, 2010

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Submitted: May 14, 2010



"Ziggy"mother called out my name."yes mom?"i asked with a smile on my face."please take out the garbage.your father will be upset if you don't.I would do it but i have to leave now."my mom answered while kissing me on the forehead.I grabbed the bag of trash and walked past the living room mirror,But it was very unusual.I didnt see my house.All i saw was a human and a compleaty different home.I did a very fast double take, but it was gone.All of it was gone.I staired at myself in the mirror compleatly forgetting the garbage.i knocked on the glass thinking maybe it was a mind trick.It wasent.i took out the trash and then walked back in.The first thing i looked at was the mirror.there itwas again.clear as day.But this time the boy was doing something.what was it?

i saw the boy lift his arm.he was holding something.It was shiny and sharp.It was a knife!!!i saw a girl on the couch shaking and squrming trying to get away from him.But it was to late.He plunged the knife into her pelvic area.blood scattered accross my mirror.

I watched in fear as this woman was being murdered in my own home.Sort of.

i looked clostly in the mirror but when it was the way i could see myself the picture of the womans death was gone.I examined the mirror.There was still blood on it.It was even on my side of it.I touched the blood to see if it had been real.

It was.I wiped my index finger across it and looked at it.it was surly there.I got very close to the glass.When out of no where the same knife that had killed the helpless victom that man killed reached out to my face and stabbed me right in my brain. i lied there.Fully dead.at least I took the trash out.I guess there is such thing as another life IN MIRRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just a little random thing i put together. im a little tierd sorry its not longer or better.

~phyco sarah

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