The jealous me.

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how I felt today :/

Submitted: September 04, 2010

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Submitted: September 04, 2010



I staired off into space, trying to shove down my really badly made macoroni.Is was too salty.I kept picturing him out with that girl. He said they were just friends. and she even had a boy friend. But that didnt change anything in my mind.I trusted Davey, but not that megan girl.I swallowed a bite of mac and cheese and began to drool a little. I looked dead.If my mother had walked in she would have thought i was mental or thought I was going crazy.I had tear stream marks running down my cheeks.I hadent seen my husband in days. I was loosing my mind. If I dont see him soon I'm going to need a wet towel for my face, and a gag rag to bite on or a pillow to burry my face in and scream my lungs out.I held on to my best friend Samm today.I wanted to cry on her shoulder because He kept circling in my thoughts.I replayed memories me and davey had had in the past.Like kissing on the beach, him keeping me warm and giving me his jacket, or watching a movie in my room.I miss his tight grip on my waste. or his lips pressing agenst mine.I miss him saying "babe I love you" over text isent the same.He is all I have ever wanted. And even more.I want to see him. I want to hurt myself to text him and say I did this. or Davey, I hurt myself. just to see ow much he cares I know he will but I want to see how he responds. I just can't bring myself to hurt myself.

  My jaw hurts. I clench my teeth together, trying to resist the jealousy of everyone that gets to see him exept me.I crack my knuckles in anger and yank at my hair thinking my pain will distract me from thinking about Davey. I love him in my mind. He is always on it. But when I can't see him is the worst part.

  I play our song and have flash backs and picture slide shows play in my mind of the fun times and good laughs we had.I want more. I want more times with you.I where your hat...and re-read your texts, and re-play the voicemails you left me.

I smash my face in the key bored as I dont recieve a text from you for a while and punch my pillow and hope to god the text I get next is from you.I slowly press "veiw" and get a text from you that says "for sure babe we can do what we used to do and pull all nighters over the phone, I will call you when I get home" A huge smile spreads accross my face and I wait till my phone rings. which hasent happened yet! so I will continue what I was saying.

  Nope. I'm done.My head is cleared. and now I normally do a horror not a romance so I will make that writing up there ^^ into a horror. :)

As I wait for my phone to ring a demented evil man with black holes for eyes wonders into my computer room, and has a sharp peice of glass with a handle on in, covered in blood, in his hand, he stabbs the shard of glass through my skull and tears open my flesh and murders me right there.

Yep, so I made that up really randomly. haha!! tell me what you think.Btw This is all true, exept the end of course. It was just a little diary thing for me so its not edited or anything. so dont bug me about my spelling or grammer if its bad!! thank you. :) Tell me what you think and I will try to write something good and horror filled soon!! I've been really busy lately with my boy friend and what not. :)


peice out girl scout.<3

I love you Davey<3

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