A Woman Named Laura Highman

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My name is Luke, this is a story of a terrible mistake that i have done.

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



I once met someone in my life, and since I saw her, my life was never the same. She was kind-hearted, witty, pretty and charming. Her father, Joseph Highman and my father, John Kingsley were partners. So that was how we became close. And her name was, Laura Highman.

It all started when we were in high school, we were expecting to go to Oxford University. So when Laura and I were walking together to our fathers’ office as it was a norm for us. Out of a sudden, Laura’s friends jumped in front of us and teased us that we were a couple. Laura just smiled and said “Yeah!” On the other hand I kept thinking in my head This girl is so naïve. She thinks we are a couple, no doubt she is my best friend but she can never be my love. I never knew I could be so wrong.

Once she got accepted into Oxford and myself into Cambridge which was sad because we could not see each other for most of the time. The only time I could meet up with her was when she went to the state library which was once a week. One day, when I was sitting at our usual table, I haven’t seen her, so I walked around the library in search of her. To my surprise, she was standing at the romance novel section with a few books in her hands. Apparently, she was admiring a guy who was a librarian there, he was about six feet tall with ocean blue eyes. While she was standing there in complete adoration, I went there and pat her on her shoulders. Shocked, Laura dropped her books and broke the silence in the library. The guy turned in her direction and walked passed her with a smile. With a blush on her face, she pulled me to the nearest table and said “Why did you do that, Luke?”

I said “I did not see you at our usual spot so I went around to search for you. I saw how you were admiring that guy back there”

“I…I wasn’t” she replied with an even redder face.

“Just admit that you like him. And if you do like him, why not go there and talk to him?”

“Are you sure? What if he doesn’t want to talk to me?”

“Just be yourself, any guy would be attracted to you right away”

And sure enough, she mustered all the courage in her and decided to chat with him. They chatted for a while and suddenly Laura came running to me. She said that the guy’s name was Vincent and that he asked out on a date. I was happy for her at that moment. She finally understood the meaning of  love.

Months have passed by and Laura seems to be very close with Vincent. Suddenly, Vincent stopped meeting up with her without saying a word. Feeling uncomfortable without knowing the truth, Laura decided to take a train and visit Vincent’s hometown, a small rundown village on the outskirts of town. After arriving at the town, she noticed a large construction site and an old lady standing nearby with a rosary in her hands. Being curious, Laura approached the old lady and asked “May I know why so you choose to pray at a very noisy place?”

The old lady replied “I’m praying here because there many workers here that die and it is very dangerous. I pray for their safety”

Laura understood that the workers here have a high risk of dying. As she was about to leave the spot, she saw Vincent working on that construction site. Feeling worried that Vincent might die while doing this job, she cried and ran back to the train station. Luckily, Vincent saw her before she reached the station. He ran all the way to the train station just to meet her. When they saw each other, Laura asked him, “Why did you stop meeting me anymore? And why are you working in such a dangerous place?”

“I couldn’t meet you because I am in need of money to help me pay for fees. Sorry for not telling you earlier” he explained. They were glad that they saw each other and they hugged and kissed. It was the first time Laura kissed a man.

For that few months, Vincent would work to help him continue his studies and Laura would visit him after her classes. After dating each other for a couple of years, Laura said that they were going stable, and that was the time I realized, I LOVE HER and I did not want anyone else to have her. So I did something despicable, I asked my parents to arrange a marriage for both of us.

Once Laura got home, her mother told her “Laura, you are going to be so happy. Luke’s parents have arranged a marriage between you and Luke”

Laura had to say no to her mother because she was madly in love with Vincent and didn’t want to leave his side. Laura’s mother was initially approving her relationship between her and Vincent but soon disagrees with her because Vincent was not rich. Laura’s mother also warned her not to meet with Vincent anymore but that did not stop her, she snuck out in the middle of the night to find Vincent. When Laura’s mother found out that her daughter snuck out to find for Vincent, she asked her husband on how to take Vincent out of the picture. They both agreed to kidnap him and made sure that there were guards to make sure that he doesn’t run away.

Years past and Laura couldn’t find Vincent anywhere, so she had to give in to her mother’s request and marry me. She thought that Vincent might have found a new girl and had forgotten about her.

Few weeks into that marriage and I felt that Laura was not herself anymore. She did not care for anything else and was not as cheerful as before. We were not getting along well, we were either arguing or just keeping quiet all the time, there was no nice conversation between us.

After two years, I decided to tell her the truth because I knew deep inside of me that love could not be forced. I told her the whereabouts of Vincent and why she couldn’t find him. I helped her to look for him. After a few days, we found him but he wasn’t breathing. It appears that one of the guards shot him a day before. Laura was devastated. The only right thing I could do back then was to help cremate his body and scatter the ashes into the sea.

 After everything was settled, we headed back to the city and filed a divorce but we still remained friends. Laura left her luxury life in the city to help Vincent’s village. She taught the children and took care of Vincent’s grandmother. Many years had pass and Laura was very ill. Vincent’s spirit had arrive to bring her with him and they could be together in heaven. The very next morning, I found her body. I cremated her and toss her ashes where Vincent’s ashes were scattered. 

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