Welcoming the New Year

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How would you welcome the new year and the new you?

Submitted: January 03, 2009

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Submitted: January 03, 2009



Three months ago, I was a nobody. Two months ago, I was a somebody. But the way \"somebody\" meant wasn't what I was expecting. Last month, I was a nobody again. Maybe I am a nobody. It was all because of that feeling that I became a somebody, but then it was actually an act of betrayal. Too much. Fatal wound scarred me. But then again, everything will soon be forgotten.

There I was sitting on the cool sand. The breeze that brushed onto my sensitive skin. Breathing the freshness of the air. I sat there on the beach, alone. The stars that hovered above were the only light that guided me. Until I realized that I wasn't alone. From afar, a figure was approaching me. It was of a man, no, it was of a young man. Probably the same age as I, or older. He sat a few inches away from me. I glanced at him. I could tell that his eyes were blue, his hair was brown, and he was really handsome. \"Birds are so lucky. They can fly wherever they want. Especially the eagles. With their vision. They can see whatever they like, whomever they like from faraway at any time.\" He suddenly said. His voice was wonderful and calming. That made me smile. From the fact that I didn't know why. I turned to face the open sea again and said, \"Yeah, your probably right. But don't you think that however far the eagle is, it's as if the eagle is alone? And won't the eagle have the courage to reach out to what he likes or whom it likes?\" He chuckled a bit. \"Eagles don't reach out. It grabs.\" Oh yeah. He was right. \"I was talking hypothetically.\" I said in reply. He said, \"Same here. But it's as if you're giving deeper meanings to what I said.\" That ends it. With my obnoxious attitude, everything crumbles. I sighed, \"Well, not really.\" And with that, I let myself lay on the cool sand with eyes closed. Every conversation I had always ends up like this. I was expecting him to leave. \"Why are you here anyway? Alone on the first day of the New Year?\" He said that with a calming voice. That surprised me. My eyes were still closed and my hearts was beating like drums in a marching band. I let out a deep sigh again to release some of my nervousness. \"Nothing. I just wanted to. How about you?\". \"Just the same.\" He replied. \"Hmm. Really?\" I mockingly asked. He said yes. An unexpected event happened in my life for the very first time. The stars were shining so brightly. The sea glittered with its might. And I found myself bewildered by what happened. But at the same time, I felt butterflies in my stomach for the first time. And I liked it. It was a wonderful feeling. A feeling that lead me to a different path. He said, \"I better be going now. It was nice talking to you!\" And with that, a smile formed on my lips and said, \"Same here. Well, have a wonderful New Year!\" He was already walking away by the time I replied, but he clearly heard what I said and in reply he said, \"I already did.\"

Being a nobody isn't always bad. It was the very first kiss I had. And it was a lovely one. With just a short talk, everything changed. I may not be a somebody to someone, I still have myself. At that time, the first rays of the sun started to rise on the horizon. The beautiful colors was showered upon me. The air became fresher and newer. It signaled that a New Year was starting and with the wonderful gift from the guy before, I could feel that the New Year and the days ahead of me will change. A new me was born. The Sea, The Sun, The Kiss, and the New Year, for a nobody like me.

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