Love or Die

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Bellatrix Night lost all of her memories – except for her kills. Now she’s sent out to protect a girl who’s being subjected to kill because of who she fell in love with. While Bellatrix is out fighting for the girl, she meet’s the girl’s brother, Damon, who is 4 years older than his sister. For Bellatrix she doesn’t know what shes has done, falling in love with the boy. But the people who sent her do know what they have to do now – kill their agent for what she’s done. The people who she works for has a few rules – never fall in love with a human, never tell a human what they are, and never trust a human. She’s broken all three of those rules. What consequences does she have now?
Now that she’s saved the girl she has to save Damon. Her people are aiming for the boy now just for what Bellatrix did. Will she stay in love with Damon and protect him for the danger that is coming for him, or will she betray him in the end and let her people kill him.
In her people’s world, it’s live or die.
But for Bellatrix, it’s love or nothing now.

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Submitted: November 18, 2010

‘So you’re saying that I lost my memory, I got hit so hard that I almost died, and now that I’ve woken up I have to watch a 15 year... Read Chapter

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