Colin Klause The Mouse.

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A short story for children about Colin Klause the mouse.

Submitted: July 03, 2008

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Submitted: July 03, 2008



Colin Klaus the Field mouse lived alone in his ramshackle house.

His next door nieghbour was Katrina Bauhaus, a very pretty, elegant lady mouse.

Colin was kind, considerate and loving, a little untidy and not always the quickest or sharpest mouse on the block.

Katrina secretly adored Colin but had never let her thoughts be known.

One day after taking tea with Colin, Katrina declared "What you need Colin Klaus the mouse is to find a spouse and spruce up this old house".

Colin wasn't sure what to make of this, truth be known he wasn't quite sure if he knew what a spouse was or where to find one!

Colin immediately set off to find some help.

His first stop was to visit his friend Derek Steasel the weasel.

"I'm in the middle of doing a painting on my easel of my favourite locomotive diesel, in any case I don't feel that well ifear I may have caught the measels.

With that he bid Colin Klaus the mouse good day.

What should I do thought Colin, who can I ask, I'm only a mouse and I can't find a spouse to help spruce up my house.

Unpeterbed Colin Klause the mouse pressed on in his quest to find a spouse.

A little further on ahead was the house of Steve Potter the Otter.

Mr Otter was known locally as a bit of a rotter but Colin Klause the mouse thought he would ask anyway.

Can you help me find a spouse Mr Steve Potter the Otter?

A firm no was the reply.

Mr Potter the Otter was off to meet Rita, Peter and Zeta a trio of wild cheatas who drove around in a three seater with no heater!

Mr Potter the Otter picked up his jotter on the way out of the door. A little rude you could say, but then again he was a train spotter.

No time could be spared to help poor Colin Klaus the mouse find a spouse to help spruce up his house.

He was undaunted by his lack of progress and carried on regardless.

I know he thought, I'll find Mr Terry Powell the owl.

He ventured down the road a little longer and knocked on owls door to explain his plight.

Can you help me find a spouse said Colin Klaus the mouse to Terry Powell the owl?

I'm afraid not said Terry Powell the owl, I'm watching a quiz show about conseants and vowels whilst ironing sheets and towels on a board made of wood and dowels.

I'm so busy that after that I'm doing a spot of gardening with my rake and a trowel, so I'm sorry Colin Klaus the mouse I have no time to help you find a spouse.

Poor Colin Klaus the mouse was almost out of ideas until he remembered Bobby Box the wyly Fox.

"Can you help me Bobby Box the Fox said a desperate Colin Klaus the mouse?"

Bobby Box the Fox had just got over a bout of Chicken Pox and was in the midst of building a wall made of rocks he had gathered down by the docks.

He listened to Colin Klaus the mouse and learned of his search for a spouse.

Bobby Box the Fox stopped building his wall of rocks, pulled up his socks, combed his locks and sat Colin Klaus down by the Hollyhocks.

"You've no need to go on a search for a spouse young Colin Klaus."

"When looking for a spouse look no further than your next door neighbours house."

"Katrina Bauhuas the pretty young lady mouse would make you a fabulous spouse Colin Klaus."

"It is plain to see from the tallest oak tree to the buzzing bee that she loves you and you love she."

Colin Klaus the mouse realised that Bobby Box the Fox was right , he'd been searching for spouse to help spruce up his house when infact he already knew her name.......Katrina Bauhaus!!

Colin did the right thing, bought a beautiful ring and and asked Katrina to marry him.
Colin Klaus had found his spouse to help spruce up his house.......they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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