I am Sorry

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I wrote this about a person. And i hope were ever they r in the world that they know i love them!!!

Submitted: October 11, 2009

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Submitted: October 11, 2009



I think about you everyday. I think of how great it would be to lay eyes on you. To take in your sent again. What i would give to see you once more. I can't though. I have been offerd the chance but has to decline it. So i wouldnt make things worse for yall. I am sorry.

I am mad i had to give up things from you  i wanted and want so dearly to keep. To throw them away so i would not hurt yall anyworse. I am sorry.

I am sorry for making you cry for causing you such pain. I know no matter what that i love you and you love me. I just wish i could tell you that in person. So i know the message was sent. That it was deliverd. Safely intact the meaning still aparent behind the words. Not lost between vocies. Not confused or miss taken but safe in my voice. From me to you. Better than any writing on a card or a note sent in to the world. These words i know will reach you. All i can do is hope you know they are true. I am sorry.

I hope you know they have meaning behind them. Not just spoken to heal wounds nor are they creative lies. Its not a hard choice to make. The truth behind them is real. As real as I. They mean eveything not nothing. They are what i want so dearly to speak to you of but i cant. They are still stuck in my mind. I  am sorry

 So even with space between us i hope you know i love you with all my heart. Even though you cant not hear em say the words. I hope you know they are the truth no matter what. I am sorry. Sorry the words can not leave me to travel to you.

The distance means little to me. I hope it has not stoped you from loving me. I miss you and wish to see you soon. I can only hope and pray that is what God wants in my future. I know its what i want.  I will close this gap if it goes much longer. I can only deal so long. I am sorry if that causes anymore trouble.

I just can't keep from you forever. I will not allow myself that pain. I will not let it stay. I can not bear it any longer. Its weight is to much for me to carry. I am only so strong.  No matter how many smiles i have on my face. They can leave so fast. And always mean little. I am sorry for having this space so long. I am sorry i am helpless against its rain.

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