My Days at Port Hueneme

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A story I'm writing about when I went to bootcamp at Port Hueneme. The days were long and the nights were quiet. The bonds I made with my friends will never die. We are truly comrades. Through the thick and the thin we marched on not paying attention to homesickness or depression that comes with being told your not worth shit. It was tough but I am so glad I was able to experience it. Bootcamp humbled my heart and made me soft spoken. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.

Submitted: May 03, 2007

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Submitted: May 03, 2007



(Not quite sure what day it was), It was about 5:50 a.m when I opened my eyes again. The room was still slightly dark and there was absolute silence outside. Not a bird chirping, or a dog barking, not even the wind seemed to make a noise. I rolled over a bit and saw my friend Cody just laying there on the ground unconscious. I looked up and saw my brother on the top bunk also still sleeping. I didn't want to get up but I had to, we had to get ready to go to Cody's house for the day. I poked at Cody until his eyes saw the world again. Neither of us exchanged words, he just nodded his head and began to crawl out of a sleeping bag. I didn't bother my brother Joel because when I try to wake him up he gets pissed real quick. Cody went to go piss and so did I right after. Then we both got dressed and ready for the day. Joel woke up from the noise we were making and joined in on getting ready. Almost like zombies we moved aimlessly due to exhuastion. We grabbed a couple bb guns so we would have something to do that day, and some camofluage clothing. When I opened the door and walked out on to the drive-way I noticed that my block looked dead. Not another thing was outside except for us. Then I proceeded to put all the crap in the truck of the car. The car ride woke all of us up, on account of me blaring the radio. Nothing else was on so I put it to 98.9 Hip Hop y Mas. I think it was Jay-Z with Bring em' out. But whatever, Im sure you dont give a shit about that. When we finally reached Cody's house the first thing I saw was that his drive-way was like a 90 degree angle. It was definitly a first for me to see that. It was actually a pretty big house, I just expected a smaller one because he is always complaining about his house. His mom greeted us first thing outside, along with his sister and younger brother Zach. We said our hello's and good mornings then went inside. We just sat there eating McDonald's breakfast which is not too bad. For the rest of the day we just shot at each other with bb guns. I could go on forever about that but Im pretty sure your already bored reading this, so I will get straight onto the point. During that day I ended up tripping and falling on my knee being as clumsy as I am ( I feel like a dumb ass just thinking about it, of course with a smile though). It scared the crap out of me because even hours later when I returned home I could barely walk. I thought to myself \"Holy Shit!, Im going to bootcamp tommorow, and when we do PT, if Im still hurt I will look like a lame wimp who cant even walk straight.\" Being as nervous as I was, I jumped into the pool to try and swim it out like the Denzel Washington did in \"Man on Fire\" when he got shot like four times. The results of my swim were pathetic, I still hurt really bad,lol. Anyways, that night I went to bed early, getting of course no sleep. I was literally awake all night just laying there thinking about all the things that will happen. I got up the next morning and put my stuff in the car, and was ready to go. We drove to Cody's house because we were carpooling up there, that was \"sehr nett\", as my grandma would have said. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what that means, so even if you think this true story of mine is shit you can go away learning something new about the world. That car ride was a long one, the farther we went, the more nowhere we went. We began to see ocean and we knew we were close. Lucky for us we got to stay in a hotel the night before we actually went to bootcamp. That was definitly a intersting night,lol. It was mostly relaxing but it ended up in me sending my then girlfriend Allie a picture of me in the whitie tighties that were required of bootcamp of course, and my dress whites dixie cup hat (sailor hat). We all had a good laugh at that one, especially when I accidentally sent it to her mom's cell phone, but whatever that's a different story,lol. That next morning, it was time,to go. We arrived at Port Hueneme early in the morning. There were two guards with combat shotguns at the gates. We pulled up and they asked if we were there for bootcamp, and sadly enough we were. When the gates shut behind us it was like our lives ending. We reached a checkpoint that was Cody's and my stop. The Army Ground Infantry training for youth. When we stepped out of the car with our things my mom just drove away really quickly. I looked around and saw how vast this base was. In some spots there was green grass, and others pavement for cars and trucks. It was definitly different than Miramar. There were many others around as well, but we stuck together. It was Me, Cody, Joel, and Casey. There was a period of about ten minutes untill a man named PO Mathews approached us, took one look and starting screaming at us. It was nerve racking to have him screaming like that. He herded us into our bunker where our \"beds\" were. It was a big and hollow building that has been used even during WW2 times. We were all in a straight line and they asked one by one our name and birthdate. Then handed us PT shirts and our BDU's . We then were herded to the bunking area where all the \"beds\" were lined up in columns and rows. The bed I was assigned had blood, piss, and throw up stains all over it. I'm suprised it didn't smell like shit. The time we spent making our beds we also spent getting yelled at. We finally made our beds and afterwards our PO spent an hour telling us how stupid we are and how it doesn't matter if we live or die. Then we proceeded to the drill deck and spent a couple hours holding our arms out in front of us. For the first ten minutes it wasn't that bad, but as time progressed it started to suck really bad. Our arms were shaking like crazy, we looked like we all had epilepsy. All you could hear was the grunts and moans of pain as others struggled to keep it up. Then our PO said to link arms with the guy next to you, and obviously it got easier. He explained how no one can do it alone and how teamwork was absolutely necessary for everything. That night we took showers pretty early. We also learned of the infamous butt 2 nut formation. Imagine 20 some odd guys, all in whitie tighties, standing in a straight line so close to each other that the tip of your d**k was up against the ass of the guy in front of you. It was definitly a first for me. The water of the showers though, was actually warmer than expected. I had to make the best out of a 45 second shower. After the shower of course we brushed our teeth and shaved, all in under 2 minutes. That night we just hung out for a little bit at each others bunk in our tight white t-shirts and PT shorts. We spoke of things past, like friends,family,girlfriends. Casey wouldn't stop complaining about how bad he wanted to see his girlfriend (who wasn't even that hot anyways). That first night Cody and I made a new friend, his name is Makin. He is the funniest Mexican Iv'e ever met. Oh yeah, did I mention that Joel was the only one out of us that was seperated. Me, Cody, and Casey= Alpha Company, and Joel was sent to Bravo all by himself with poeple he didn't know.

The next day we woke up bright and early, ran 4 miles in our BDU's and headed over to a classroom. In the classroom we watched a grip load of videos that showed poeple getting shot to death. Most of them were terrorists. We probably watched about 15 different videos of terrorists getting killed. After class we spent the rest of the day running and doing push ups while getting screamed at. One of my favorite times at this place was when we would have \"bathroom parties.\" I know that might sound faggish but it was when we would go to the bathroom, look at ourselves in the mirror, turn our covers sideways and backwards, unbutton our BDU tops and freestyle rap. It was the most relaxing time ever. Another relaxing time is when Cody, Makin, and I would just try to shit. We would just sit there and talk. Sometimes you could go and others you couldn't. It was because of our new diet and being scared all the time,lol. One of the kids didn't go in 8 days. They finally ended up using the \"silver bullet\" on him. It's a rod that shoots water up your ass until something comes out. Luckily no one I knew ever needed that treatment. Now I will tell you of the \"Mess Hall.\" It was one of the most depressing times. You just sit there quietly and think about all the stuff they told you. It definetly hits home. None of us were allowed to make eye contact during meals, or talk, or look away from our plates. My favorite food was probably the pears. Those were great, I would get like 4 of em. We would also sneak peanut butter packets from our MRE's into our bunker. We would pass the tube around at night. I would say \"come' on man, lemme hit that!\" and we would pass it in the dark.

During the majority of the other weeks we did field training and war games. There is not much to say about that except we were taught just the basics of combat. The model rifle I used was the AR-15. I'm pretty sure that gun takes .223 ammo.

I only spent four weeks but so many emotions and thoughts were shown to me. I actually reached a point where I couldn't go on. And it's humbling to experience that. It blew me away that I couldn't do anymore anything, especially push ups. My brain wanted to continue but my body wouldn't move. I can't ever stress on how strange a feeling it is. My problems fell out of the back of my mind.

We were told, kill kill kill. They didn't want robots, they wanted indestructable boys that would grow up and serve the U.S. To be men without fear.

The weeks went by slowly but by graduation day I was different. I don't even remember how I was before bootcamp. I remember marching with my company out to our families and seeing them wave in admiration and pride. All along we thought this was a Navy bootcamp but we got put in Army bootcamp and I'm glad I did. Our PO made the speech and we went back to our bunks to say our final good bye's to our comrades. Cody and I were the first to get outside, and that was it. We are all still good friends. I plan on enlisting in the Army right outta highschool, college is over rated,lol. I might end up in Iraq but I count it with joy.

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