I Am A StarGazer

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Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



I will be forever envious of the stars, all thousands of them. They have stood the test of time. Most being thousands of years old. It amazes me that every night when I go to sleep I look out at the stars that I know that O-So-Many humans have seen. And here I am thousands of years later looking at them also. It's so... Euphoric? I think it\"s just knowing that most probably The Spartan army And many other famous Human events were, chances are also looking at the stars, imagine the Mongels, Vikings, Roman army's all looking up at the stars while they are about to go to sleep and just wondering? Wondering what could be out there. I find these things truly amazing, funny thing is that living in a 1st world nation I appreciate the little things, not so much the large. Funny isin\"t it? How good happens to the bad, and bad happens to the good. It's things like this that makes me wonder of there is a god. But a true problem with religion is this, THERE\"S MORE THEN ONE! that's a major turn off, imaging praying to a religion our entire life then die and find out your dirty is the wrong one ROFL, life\"s too short to worry about silly things like this though, lets enjoy our life's as long as we have them, Btw YOLO should OLO

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