The Hood-Rat

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This story follow Rigkla, a 12 year old male hood-rat who is forced to make hard and life altering decisions every day on the island of the damned. An Island Next to Floranco, The capital of the mighty country Awqa. A country based on primarily pillaging and sacking there neighbours to sustain the country's powerfully dark Needs. Find out what the island of the damned is, read the story please :)

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



It was a cool, twilight night in the middle of July. Rigkla knew these types of nights only happen ever so often. So when they did he made sure he and his guild, The-Dragons were fully ready to take advantage of them, since it was a week long holiday the church gave the island a week off. Quite rare, normally High-Priest Joghan only gave these types of breaks before large votes from the islands population. The Island folk knew what the pope was trying to do when they gave them days off, and they were happy about it. There votes in exchange for a couple days rest. But as I was saying, since it was an island holiday many drunkards were roaming the shambly, rocky roads of the alleyways that night coming back from the tavern that night. The island of the damned was notorious for there Clam-Vodca. One good hit and any man and there mother would be knocked out for a Night. The HoodRats knew this and often took advantage of them, on the taverns roof that balmy starry night. Lay Rigkla, and 4 other of his Hood rat buddys, Renshi- 9, Playgi- 11, Stellu- 13 and Drehdra the largest of the 5, was 14 he was also the Guild leader. Finally after hours of waiting came old man Jurgen. The equivelant of the town drunk. An easy target. The boys make theire move, with swiftness and precision Rigkla grabbed his neck after he jbed down from the taverns roof, Deahdra takes his Shank and stick Jorgen and loots his Body. They find 2 and a half silver far more then they ever thought they would get. Suddenly Renshi feels a sharp prickly crawling up his leg, it was a Trupliccom Arrachnid the islands only spider, By the way. Did I mention that one bite will kill an adult male in 30 secounds? This was my first mini short story please don't judge too harshly, I'm 13

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