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Bystanders are almost as guilty as the bullies. Don't stand there, ACT!

Submitted: December 12, 2013

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Submitted: December 12, 2013



I feel filthy
Violated and unsure
Searching for the remains
Of where they once were
The remnants of a person
In the place we had lured

We didn’t have to do it but
We did it anyways
The girl we tortured
She won’t be okay
All the cruel actions,
All the ugly words we’d say

Seeing her with her ugly bangs
“Four eyes” and “Bucktooth”
Teasing and taunting
A gash nothing could sooth
What we spoke
Wasn’t even close to the truth

We tore and we ripped
Shredding her soul
Till all that was left
Was this empty, black hole
I wish I had left and
Hadn’t played my role

Why did we?
Simple enough
We wanted to see
If she was as tough
and as confident
As she spoke of

Turning friends against her
Making her all alone
Don’t know why we picked at her
Listening to her moan
These were actions
No one should condone

Maybe if I wasn’t so weak
I could’ve helped
Not just stood there
Watching them treat her like a whelp
Now she’s lying in the river
Mingling with the kelp

Threw herself off the bridge
Hoping and succeeding to drown
You stood there watching
Acting like a queen with a crown
Sitting on your dais
Wearing everyone down

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