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Fish Report
5th Period Biology
The Blue Marlin
A fourteen foot fish with an enormous spike squirms and jumps franticly around your boat. The fish almost knocks the fishing pole out of your hands, but instead succeeds in almost knocking you over the ship. You stop trying to fight it and let go of the pole, exhausted and gasping for air you wish you could of caught it. This was the work of the extremely stubborn and powerful Blue Marlin or “Swordfish.”
Weighing in at nearly a ton (2000 lbs.) the Blue Marlin is the largest of all the Atlantic marlins, also it is one of the biggest fish in the sea. Female Blue Marlins are much larger than the male Blue Marlins. Female Blue Marlins can be up to 14 ft. long. Now that is a giant fish, but the average size for a Blue Marlin is about 11 ft. long and 200 to 400 lbs. The Blue Marlin has a cobalt blue top and a silver stomach, making it extremely easy to recognize. Another amazing part of the Blue Marlin’s body is the long, almost “Spear Like” upper jaw bone.
The Blue Marlin is a carnivore, as well as a predator. It feeds mainly on tuna and mackerel and uses it’s “spear like” jaw to kill it’s prey. The fish’s behavior is normally aggressive, and has been known to put up gigantic fights when being captured.
 Here is it’s “classing;”Order – Perciformes, Family – Istiophoridae, Genus – Makaira and Species – nigricans.
The Blue Marlin prefers warmer water temperatures so it normally swims just below the surface. They are known to live in and around the Atlantic Ocean. They migrate commonly to warmer waters and have been known to swim along an ocean current that is warm for thousands of miles.
This fish has been in sea themed novels” like ‘the Old Man and the Sea.’ In this novel the fish the main character is “battling” with is a Blue Marlin. Some of the common names for this animal are “The Sword Fish,” “the bill fish” and the “Cuban Black Marlin.”
This is defiantly one of the most amazing fish in the sea, as well as one of the most well known. It has been in famous novels such as the “Old Man and The Sea.” It, in my opinion, is the most amazing fish in the sea.
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