band camp 2009

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written for a friend of mine. 2009

Submitted: May 03, 2015

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Submitted: May 03, 2015



It was the end of summer in southern California and the 90+ degree weather had 55 high school musicians dripping with sweat out on the field. After countless runs of drill and music, the sounds of drums, horns, woodwinds, and various percussion instruments faded and left ringing in the ears of everyone on the field. The drum major told the band to relax and the director told them to take a lunch break. All but the drumline put down their instruments and trudged off the field for a much needed break. Tenor players, Bass players, Snares and Cymbals all waited for their captain to tap them off so they could leave. The males all had their shirts off and could feel sweat dripping down their spines and the girls could all feel their shirts plastered to their skin. They waited on for what felt like hours before finally, click click click. Click. Harnesses creaked and the young drummers groaned as they all set down their drums. Only the captain remained cheerful and energetic. He was already used to the sweltering heat from touring with drum corps all summer.

“C’mon guys! Don’t be wimps!” he shouted at them with a smirk before sauntering off to find his way to food.

A tall skinny boy with poofy wild hair put his sticks down and reached a hand out to his sectionmate who lay sprawled out on the grass.

“I can’t take it man,” said the boy on the grass, “I’m too tired. There’s no way I can survive another run.”

“Haha I know how you feel. I remember my first band camp.” Replied the skinny boy with his hand still outstretched. “You’ll get used to it though.”

“No way dude.  I’m not moving.” The skinny boy laughed and tried urging on his fellow drummer but to no avail. The exhausted newbie stayed rooted to the ground. That is, until a short girl comes bouncing up.

“Jaaaaaake! I brought you subwaaaaay!” she said. Now the inexperienced boy got up. His sectionmate dropped his hand and laughed.

“Where’s mine?” he said.

“Psh if you want me to bring you food you gotta pay up Robbie!” She replied.

“Aww c’mon dude where’s the fun in that?” Meanwhile, the younger boy had worked himself into a sitting position and was trying to convince himself how worthwhile it would be to get up completely.

“Hey beeb, wanna go get my shirt? It’s by the basketball pole.” Jake asked his girlfriend, Lindsey. She bounded off to find it, leaving the two quad players behind. Robbie looked down at Jake and extended his hand once again. This time, the boy took it and pulled himself up. He wiped the grass off his backside and put his hands on his knees. Robbie stood there awkwardly as Lindsey returned with the shirt and they began to walk off hand in hand to go eat.  His expression dropped at being forgotten by his friend so easily but was lifted again when he looked over his shoulder to ask if he was coming or not.

The three musicians walked down the breezeway of the school and found a shaded spot across from girls in the color guard. They ate in silence until Robbie pointed out that the girl with the pink mohawk kept looking over at them.

“Yeah,” Jake said, “she has a crush on me.” Jake smirked and Robbie laughed. Lindsey rolled her eyes at the boys and continued eating her sandwich. Jake finished his and took his shirt off again to use as a pillow as he laid down on the concrete with his hands behind his head. Lindsey sat there poking at the squish on his sides and Robbie averted his eyes. Across the way, the girls were having their own conversations.

“Did you see that?” asked a girl with bangs and a braid to the girl beside her.

“Yeah I think so. How he turned kinda red?” said her friend.

“Something is going on there Nina.”

“I don’t think so Hillary. It might just be from the sun.”

“No there’s something there. Ohmygosh it’s so cute!” Hillary squealed.

“But it’s Robbie!” insisted Nina. The girls watched as Robbie and Jake got up to leave for the field for more practice time and Lindsey left to go home. A plan began to form in Hillary’s head and she saw an opportunity to hatch it.

“I have an idea!” She exclaimed before jumping up and going after the boys, raising eyebrows from the fellow colorguard members.

She caught up with them at the field and walked up behind Robbie as he was leaning against the basketball pole and watching as Jake went over his dots and music.

“So. Jake has definitely gotten better huh?” she said to Robbie with a smirk  spreading into her features.

“Yeah. I’m like really proud of him y’know? He’s like worked so hard and like improved a lot. I’m like really glad he made it you know? He’s just so amazing and like awesome. I’m just really proud of him and stuff since he came so far and like really tries so hard. He’s like so amazing. I really am like super proud of him.” As Robbie continued on in a dream like voice, Hillary’s smile grew bigger and bigger as her suspicions were confirmed and she let out a small giggle.

“Well then. How long have you liked him?” Robbie turned beat red and stood up straighter.

“What? Psh I don’t like Jake. He’s a dude. That’s like weird. And- and I’m not gay.” He stuttered out.

“Well okay then. If you say so mister. But doesn’t it get awkward always playing third wheel at lunch with him and Lindsey? You should try to get him to hang out with you.” She could already see the wheels turning in his mind though he tried to be nonchalant.

“Psh whatever man.” He said.



The next day…



“Alright guys. Neeploha. Good run. Take a break and eat kids” the drum major announced. Again, all the brass and wind player set down their instruments and left as the drumline waited to be tapped out. Click click click. Click. Jake took off his drum and set it down next to Robbie’s and stretched out his back.

“So where you headed for lunch Jake?” asked the first bass player.

“Off to Lindsey’s. Food and a couch sounds like heaven dude.” Jake replied with a grin.

“Cool. Sounds fun. See you later.”

“See ya.” Jake grabbed his shirt and started walking off towards the exit of the school when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey, Jake? Um, haha, I was know, wondering if you wanting to hang out right now... if you weren't like, doing anything...?" Robbie’s eyes were uncharacteristically glued to the ground and his cheeks flushed red.

“What?” Jake asked, confused.

“Uh, I just uh, haha, wanted to know if you wanted to hang out you know?” he stammered on. Jake didn’t know what to think. It was cute really but he had a girlfriend and besides, Robbie was… Robbie.

“Nah, sorry I’m heading off to Lindsey’s,” Jake said with a laugh, “Maybe some other time.” Robbie’s expression dropped and didn’t bother with a reply as he watched Jake walk off.

“Well hey there.” Robbie turned to find Hillary standing behind him. “Don’t look so sad,” she said, “You can come-“ she was interrupted by Jake jogging back over and Robbie immediately turning around.

“Changed my mind.” Jake said, “Too lazy to walk that far today.” He smiled at Robbie and Robbie returned it. Hillary smirked and walked away to sit where she could watch the two quad players. The boys began walking off to find shade.

“So got any food?” Jake asked. Robbie laughed and brought out a brown paper bag.


“Sounds good to me.” The boys found a shaded wall to sit against and leaned against it. Side by side the boys sat, each with their own thoughts running through their heads, in Jake’s, wondering why he was here and in Robbie’s, trying to find courage. Eventually Robbie found the resolve and turned his head away as he tentatively reached his hand out to find Jake’s. He felt his face heat up as Jake turned his eyes onto him. For several seconds, Robbie held his breath waiting for a reaction from the boy next to him and for several seconds Jake didn’t know how to react. Eventually, Robbie sighed with relief as his grasp was met by Jake’s and their fingers intertwined.

Across the breezeway, Hillary watched the scene unfolding before her and smiled. She saw the two boys sitting next to each other awkwardly and both refusing to look at each other. One boy with a smile on his face and the other with a confused but content expression. She whipped out her phone and took a picture to squeal over later then left the boys to their privacy.

Band camp was an unendingly interesting experience for the tenor line that year.

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