Borrowed wings

Maybe it’s the chemistry
Maybe the pills have bridged the gaps in my mind
Slapped band aids on the broken bits 
Halfway fixing me to a point
Maybe chemicals are balancing themselves
Giving me a glimpse of normal
Maybe I’m just swinging up more
And down less
Or maybe it’s just you.

My heart soars on borrowed wings
At the sound of your laugh
The feel of your skin
The touch of your lips
Every kiss stitching me back together
I may be broken still
With leathery wings hanging limply at my side
But I can still fly
As long as you’ll lift me up

I think I can safely say one thing:
You are my antidepressant
Working stronger than any pills I always forget to take
I found my daily dose of happy
Oxytocin making up for not enough serotonin
Balancing the surges of dopamine
Yet still keeping me grounded
In the real world

Though once your wings were broken
And perhaps they still are
Though you have never taken flight before 
You know the skies
As well as I know the darkest caves
But when the day comes
When my weight is too much to bear
If your wings can no longer carry me
I beg of you one thing:
Drop me
Let me go and save yourself
Before your wings are shattered too

Submitted: May 02, 2015

© Copyright 2022 piercethepie. All rights reserved.

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